GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

Moeco Exhibition with GACKT” will be held at ART FAIR TOKYO 2021.

Exhibited works are ready!

Art Fair Tokyo 2021

Dates and times
Thursday, 18 March is invitation only.

Public View
Friday 19 March 2021, 12:00-19:00
Saturday, 20 March 2021, 12:00-19:00
Sunday, 21 March 2021, 12:00-16:00

Tokyo International Forum
3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
B1F Lobby Gallery C003
Gallery Olim
Please note that this gallery is different from the main venue, Hall E, B2F.

Exhibits related to GACKT will be as follows

2 paintings of GACKT drawn by chalk artist Moeco and decorated with lab-grown diamonds
One calligraphy by GACKT decorated with lab-grown diamonds.

The calligraphy written by GACKT, which is considered to be the original of the song “Sakura, Chiru…” released in 2013!

The sale of the above three items will be by tender.

Bidding period
3/18 (Thu) 12:00 – 3/25 (Thu) 19:00

For more information about the bidding process, please visit the GALLERY OLYM website below.
Details of how to bid will be uploaded at 12:00 on Thursday 18 March.
You can also bid by viewing the images on the website above.

There is no need to book in advance on the web, no admission fee, no tickets, etc. However, please cooperate with the infection control measures at the entrance of the venue.
The temperature will be taken at the entrance.
You will be asked to scan the QR code placed at the entrance with your smartphone or other device.
You will be asked to provide your email address, your name, your temperature and your physical condition.
Depending on your condition, you may not be admitted.
Please note that the B1F Lobby Gallery exhibition space is limited to 300 visitors per hour.
If this is exceeded, you may be asked to wait at the entrance.
Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For further information please contact
Gallery Orim Co.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA