GACKT Official Instagram update. Transcript below:

Demon Instructor

(Staff Ryo)
R: Yes
G: Here we go

R: Pa pa pa pa…

?: He’s saying papapapa

G: You’re not a papa are you?

G: Here we go
R: Yes
R: #&%@!

G: If the energy enters your body, you’ll end up accumulating it in you
G: Before it comes in, bounce. Bounce

G: If you’re too stiff, it’ll hit you with a “don!”
?: So you can’t be too stiff

G: The most important thing is to make sure you don’t tense up
?: Don’t tense up?

R: Uwa! It’s tough!!

?: Demon Instructor!! Demon Instructor!!

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA