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Published on BARKS!
『Toasting with GACKT。Birthday eve to be held for the first time』

※Registering to participate is ongoing!※

Birthday Eve! 3rd Public Recording Event for 『GACKT no Shakuhappun de Ikou』 will be Held!!!
The《first 400 people,》who are members of FRESH!「GACKT【Official】Channel」, from who we will receive 《MP (Magnum Points)》 for this event’s project will be invited to this public recording.
The TOP 5 《MP (Magnum Points)》 supporters for this event entry will not only get top priority to enter the public recording venue, as the 「launch with GACKT」, they will also get the following special benefits!!

①Watch the GACKT live broadcast in person that comes after the public recording
②Meet & greet with GACKT after the live broadcast
③Group photo with GACKT (taken with staff camera)
Special benefits are listed above!!

Click here to find out how to enter


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