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【Eligible members】
Eligible members are those who have registered with CLUB GACKT and those who have completed the registration within the first-come, first-served acceptance period

【Date and Time】
Date/Time:4 July 2018 (Wed) Doors open 18:00 Performance starts 19:00 (expected)

Location: Tokyo, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
〒136-0082 Tokyo City, Koto-ku, Shinkiba 2-2-10

◆ 1F standing, with gift: 30,000 yen (w/o tax)
◆ 2F reserved seating: 60,000 yen (w/o tax)
Top priority entry, allowed to move freely to 1F, with luxury gift

2 tickets per person
※ Your companion can be a non-member
※ Separate drinks fee is required on the day

Wheelchair-bound persons can purchase both 1F standing and 2F reserved seating tickets.
However, those who wish to remain in their wheelchairs for the duration of the event, please purchase 【1F standing】.

【To note】
※Your membership number and name will be printed on your ticket for this event. Your companion’s name will not be printed.
※Identification checks (for both members and non-members) will be carried out on the day of the event.
Identification checks will require you to have your official photo identification documents (copies not allowed) with you.
(Driver’s license/Passport/Student photo identity card/Citizen photo identification card/National identification number)
Companions are not required to have official photo identification documents.
If your student identity card does not have a photo on it, please bring your insurance card.
However, do note that providing your insurance card alone does not suffice. The adult identification IC card “taspo” cannot be used either.
You will be denied entry if you are found to be another person, or if your identity cannot be established.
※Children over the age of 3 will need a ticket. Children under the age of 3 will not be allowed into the venue.
※Additional processing fees will occur in addition to the ticket fee. Please do check carefully when applying.
※Those who require wheelchairs should reach out to the contact below after receiving their tickets and before the day of the event.
SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999 (Mon~Sat 12:00~13:00/16:00~19:00 ※Excluding Sundays/national holidays)
※Please note that there may be media coverage during the event.
※This is the information that we have at present. Changes may be made.
Please check GACKT OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the latest information.

【Registration Period】
Registration period:6 June 2018 (Wed) 18:00~ 10 June 3028 (Sun) 23:59
Results announcement period:13 June 2018 (Wed) after 20:00
Payment period:13 June 2018 (Wed) 20:00~June 16 2018 (Sat) 23:59

Collection method: Full delivery of original tickets
Delivery start date: Expected 27 June (Sat)
■CLUB GACKT application site: Please check here. (PC/Smartphone compatible)

■General sales
23 June (Sat) 10:00〜

【For inquiries regarding tickets/application】
★TICKET PIA (Working hours 10:00~18:00 Excluding Sat/Sun/National holidays/Start and end of year)
※Please enter “『GACKT’s -45th Birthday Concert- LAST SONGS』G&LOVERS先行お問い合わせ” as the email subject and state your “Question”, “Name”, “Phone number” in the body of your email.

【For other inquiries】
Contact :


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