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Saijo Hideki-san, who has looked after me since the time I, GACKT, was the vocalist of MALICE MIZER, has passed away.

I can still clearly recall the first time we met.

You came towards me, where I sat, and said, “You, you’ve got a great voice. You’re good at singing too, and you’re cool! I’ve always wanted to meet you, Gakuto!”. Even with a smile on your face, the musicians in the vicinity were overwhelmed by your impressive aura. This memory still remains fresh in my mind.

Yet, at that time, you were a big brother who I looked up to a lot.

A little later after that, you said to me “I want to sing with you, so get yourself on a TV show, alright?”, and you led the still inexperienced me on stage without making me nervous.

When we stood together on the same stage and I got a chance to experience your overwhelming singing and expressive abilities up close, I thought, “I want to gain the ability to have such expressive abilities…:.

It can only be said that it is truly regrettable that Hideki-san has passed so early. He, who has occasionally kindly and caringly asked after me “How are you!” ever since we met.

I sincerely pray that you rest in peace. And as an expressionist, I have yet to catch up to Hideki-san, but I will continue to work hard towards this goal going forward.

My deepest condolences.


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Translation : GACKT ITALIA Team

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