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This is a Report from the Secretary

※Pre-orders reserved to Fan club’s members are ongoing!!!※
『GACKT PLATINUM BOOK ~Private Treasures~』 to be release in late August!!!

It’s packed with private scenes from GACKT, who has been shrouded in mystery!
In addition! There will be detailed replicas of GACKT’s prized possessions
jammed within the photobook, making it an experience unlike any other.
In other words, this is a photobook where you can experiece “seeing”, “reading”, and “touching” GACKT.
It’ll bring you an excitement that has your room like GACKT’s museum!

<Pre-orders period>
Fanclub pre-order: 27 April ~ 16 May 2018

What is a Treasure Book

Please refer to the site below for more details regarding sales.


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