GACKT differs with Sasaki Nozomi’s opinion that [The strongest monster is Kong!] – Cinema intermission clip revealed

In this clip that starting 3/11 will be screened in cinemas like Shochiku Multiplex Theatres (MOVIX, Shinjuku Piccadilly, Marunouchi Piccadilly) Namba Parks Cinema, United Cinema, Cineplex, GACKT, Sasaki Nozomi and Togi Makabe give their opinions on which is the strongest creature on the Skull Island.

Sasaki Nozomi that appears as representative female actress says, “Of course the strongest monster is Kong! Women are really attracted to strong people”, and supporting Kong she says “That hugeness is the number one!”. Following, “No-no, the strongest creature is the Skull Crowler” says GACKT as representative celebrity “A lizard that moves on two arms, that speed is number one” he fervently says introducing the creature with the ferocious face and tough figure.

And then, the pro-wrestler representative Makabe, “If you are looking for the strongest one in King Kong, that is Makabe Togi” he boasts launching a challenge “Who’s my opponent!”. However, speechless after witnessing the ferocious Skull Crowler and the power of King Kong destroying an helicopter, “It’s impossible!” says with nothing to do but surrender.

This movie is an adventure epic story depicting the origin of the birth of King Kong, set on a mysterious skull island which was supposed to exist only in myths. GACKT will be Captain Conrand, leader of the Survey Expeditionary Force sent on the Skull Island played by Tom Hiddlestone, Sasaki Nozomi will be the photographer Weaver played by Brie Larson, and Makabe will be the soldier that doesn’t even know what fear is.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA