GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

The GACKT-PHONE 1ST ANNIVERSARY Campaign will be held!

GACKT-PHONE will celebrate its 1st Anniversary on March 19th

To commemorare it, a present compaign with luxurious prizes signed by GACKT for customers currently under contract ・ customers who stipulate a new contract from now, for a total of 30 people, will be held.

■Campaign Period:2017/3/19~2017/4/27
※ In case of application by March 18th, you will be able to partecipate at the present campaign in automatic.


●Customers currently under contract
[Automatic partecipation at the present campaign]
Automatic entry if GACKT – PHONE contract is currently underway!
To thank you for your continued patronage, a lottery among our customers currently under contract will give you the chance to win rare prizes!

Furthermore!The probability of winning increases according to the period of use!
※ The chances of getting rare prizes get better as long as you use it!

【Prizes of the Present Campaign】
・The Perfume which GACKT uses signed by himself・・・5 people
・Nescafé Barista GACKT Model・・・5 people
・The signed poster of『Tsumi no keishō ~ORIGINAL SIN~』which is not for sale ・・・10 people

※ For more informations about to increase the probability to win, please check the campaign page.

●Customers who stipulate a new contract from now
[New Entry Present]
Among the customers who signed up GACKT-PHONE during the campaign period (2017/3/19 to 2017/4/27), we will deliver GACKT signed GACKT-PHONE original box for 10 people by lottery!



【Inquiries about the Campaign】
f-Phone support desk:


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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