Poker Now Twitter update with photos of GACKT during the NCPO. Translation below:

The renowned Tsuchikawa getting a photo of him messing around behind GACKT-san… This is the NLH!!

And to cap off the New Caledonia Poker Open
#8 No Limit Hold’en Hyper Turbo

GACKT-san 3rd place

What we see a glimpse of in the back of the main event relay
is the sight of him silently fighting on

For the 4th New Caledonia Poker Open (NCPO) Mitsuhiro Shiga-san, won the grand prize of 4,681,000XPF, defeating local New Caldonian Daniel Gilles with the best margin of all time, and becoming the first foreigner to win the main event. With a beloved wife, he is in fact, also a member of team GACKT.


NCPO Main event
Breaking out of a long stalemate, finally only 4 people left,Shiga right before the double-up showed his superiority.
Among the friends I’m watching over holding my breath I could also see GACKT’s shape who’s a superstar.
I think that I’ve understood the reason why he is so loved by other poker fellows.

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team
Translation © GACKT ITALIA