Sasaki Nozomi Extremely Nervous for 「King Kong」 Public Dubbing, called 「Cute」 by GACKT

The public dubbing for 「Kong: Skull Island」 was held on February 16 in a studio in Tokyo, and was attended by GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi who will be providing the Japanese dubs.

GACKT, who concluded his recording before the event, said 「I may look like this but I’m actually nervous」 despite his cool expression. On the other hand, Sasaki, who will be doing her recording the next day, said 「I’ll do my best to not be nervous!」 as if to say it aloud to get herself fired up, following which she performed a scene of a serious conversation with GACKT.

This work is an action-adventure movie set on Skull Island where the gigantic monster, King Kong, lives. GACKT will be lending his voice for Tom Hiddleston’s character, the expedition leader Conrad, while Sasaki will be dubbing for Brie Larosn’s character, the photojournalist Weaver.

Sasaki stood before the mike with a stiff expression, and after a few takes she was able to get through smoothly. However, it might have been due to hastiness that she kept getting stuck at the same line. At Sasaki’s NG, GACKT smiled and said 「Cute」, and then followed in and led her through.

Sasaki drew a sigh of relief after the dubbing ended, and conveyed her gratitude, saying 「GACKT-san’s aura is so bright and sparkly, and I wasn’t sure that he would talk to me but he’s been so kind from the start that I’m moved!」. Upon hearing that, GACKT said with an embarrassed smile 「I’m kind to cute people」.

When asked about what he thought of the movie, GACKT said excitedly 「I wondered 『When is he going to climb the building?』 but there’s none of that. This is a story about the birth of King Kong.The story progresses in different time frames, and lots of unimaginable creatures appear, it’s very interesting」. He then added 「The original title of this movie is 『Kong』. Look forward to finding out how Kong becomes a King through movie!」.

「Kong: Skull Island」 will be released nationwide on March 25.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA