GACKT Official Weibo update. Translation below:

After training in the morning, I went out at 9am heading to office for a meeting.

After that I went straight to the Shinkansen platform which I haven’t ride on in a while.

Kyoto that I didn’t visit in a long time is quite cold.

The cold wind rush into my face when I came out from the Hachijo exit,
“It’s so cold~!”

It’s really cold.

is the word that definitely comes to mind.
It’s difficult translate it into another Japanese word.

The meaning of the words are:
“Gorgeous in an unpretentious manner with a combination of elegance and modesty”
When you come to Kyoto, I hope you can experience these kind of feelings.
It’s a good word.
It is worthy of Kyoto.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA