Enthusiastic Performance by GACKT and Sasaki 「Kong: Skull Island」 Public Dubbing

The adventure attraction blockbuster movie 『Kong: Skull Island』which is about the “fiercest, strongest, and most feared” King Kong, and was eagerly awaited for my movie buffs all around the world, will be released in Japan on March 25. (To be released in America on March 10) For it’s release in Japan, GACKT and Sasaki Nozomi will be working on its dubs and have participated in the public dubbing event.

This time, GACKT will be performing as Tom Hiddleston’s character, James Conrad, the leader of the expedition team. While Sasaki Nozomi will be performing as Academy Award winner Brie Larson’s character, Mason Weaver, a photojournalist. Sasaki Nozomi, who is taking up the challenge of dubbing a Hollywood movie for the first time, enthusiastically acted her role of woman with flamboyance and toughness. It was an event that elevated expectations for the Japan release.

This time, there were 2 scenes which were recorded in public. One was a scene in a warehouse where GACKT’s Conrad and Sasaki’s Weaver talked about themselves. While another was a scene with Conrad and Weaver having a conversation while watching the aurora. When Sasaki Nozomi arrived, she appeared exceptionally nervous, saying 「It’s my first time doing dubs, and moreover in front of cameras… I’m feeling extremely nervous. I hope GACKT-san will take the lead.」. Following that, they immediately started recording the dub.

To the nervous Sasaki, the director suggested to her to listen well to the other party, and appeared to leave the performance in GACKT’s hands. Seeing her like that, GACKT said 「Cute」 which made her calm down. Despite that they managed to smoothly record an acceptable take, GACKT was not convinced and requested for a retake, showing his enthusiasm for the movie.

After smoothly completing the recording, both of them appeared satisfied despite having experienced the difficulty in dubbing. With regards to when he received the offer, GACKT said 「Firstly, I told them that I would like them to show me the movie first. From the start of the movie, which opened with a completely different King Kong than what my generation was familiar with, to the very end, I was so absorbed that I was at the edge of my seat, and I thought, I’m really glad that I got the offer. I watched it all the way through to the ending credits.」. Sasaki too spoke of her elation, saying 「Me…?, was the initial feeling that I got. I was unsure but I wanted to challenge myself with something new. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it until the end. It was enjoyable. I’ve never watched a King Kong movie until now but, although it’s a first for me, it’ll definitely be alright. The power and realism were amazing.」.

When asked about the movie, GACKT said 「There were scenes that appear to be tributes to Ghibli and there were also tributes to Japanese special effects as well, I think that fans of Ghibli and special effects will definitely feel this. I heard that the director, too, actually loves Ghibli and special effects. While watching the movie, the manager who was seated next to me kept subconsciously saying things like 「This scene is a tribute to that」. After the ending credits, I think those who get it will clap their hands and burst out laughing. 」, while Sasaki commented 「It didn’t really hit me, but after it ended I looked at the excited manager, then realised it」.

GACKT said with a smile「I think I’m closer to the manager in age.」. Sasaki shows an unexpected side of her, when she was asked about her favourite creature, and she replied「It’s definitely King Kong. I initially thought he was scary but, I gradually became empathetic towards him and ended up thinking, King Kong do your best!! I think he’s a lovable tough character.」.

Relating to the scene where Weaver and King Kong connected with each other, Sasaki was asked “Was there a recent incident when you felt connected with someone?”, she replied「The other day, when I turned 29, I received branded kitchen knives that I’ve always wanted from my stylist. Even though I’ve never said that I wanted them, I felt like we were connected and it made me feel really happy.」.

With regards to the battle of『Godzilla vs. King Kong』, an upcoming movie in 2020, GACKT appeared to be eagerly awaiting it, saying「The Japanese title reads “King Kong” but, the original title is “Kong”. In other words, I believe that a regular “Kong” becomes a “King” through the events of this movie. Then it progresses into the 2020 story.」. In addition, when asked about ambitions towards acting in a Hollywood movie, GACKT said「Recently I’ve been rejecting movie offers because of my tour so I would instead like to do that maybe next year or the year after. Because there are a lot of interesting people in Hollywood, it’s definitely a challenge I would like to take up.」, while Sasaki said「It would be an honour… If there was such a chance I would definitely like to take up the challenge. It’s also my first time dubbing but I would like to continue trying all kinds of new things.」.

In terms of something that they come to realise in this time’s dubbing, GACKT said「My voice changes depending on the character so, this character is a depressed retired veteran with a low voice and without much emotional expression, so I pushed downwards and performed that way. It may seem to you that the tension is low now but, when dragging this on when playing the character, my voice is usually a little brighter (laughs). Because I love anime, games, and movies, if I receive an offer I’ll want to accept it as much as possible.」, and Sasaki, who will be doing her recording tomorrow, said,「Because I tend to end up rushing and going faster than the movie, I received advice from GACKT-san during practice earlier, and I would like to keep in mind to remain calm even if the movie goes faster than me. I was also really moved by GACKT-san’s dubbing. This being the first time that I’m doing something like this, and with his aura being so bright and sparkly, I wasn’t sure that he would talk to me but he’s been kindly teaching me since the beginning .」. She looked at GACKT with an expression of respect, and GACKT said「I’m nice to people who are cute (laughs)」, bringing laughter into the venue.

The end of the event closed off with messages to everyone who is awaiting the release of the movie. Sasaki said「This is a movei that not only men, but women as well, will definitely enjoy. The thoughts and conflicts met by the characters are also well depicted, and your heart will be pumping until the end. I hope many people will come and watch it.」, and GACKT said「 20 times more fun than the『Jurassic』series!!」.

Watched and awaited for by the entire world,『Kong: Skull Island』will be released nationwide on March 25 (Sat).

Source: dwango.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA