GACKT 『LAST VISUALIVE』 at the movies! An enjoyable event, including a member talk show, will be held

All kinds of entertainment events like concerts, stage plays, kabuki performances, etc. are held around the world and in Japan daily. The visitors’ needs of「wanting to feel the enthusiasm of that venue again!」, the performers’ needs of「wanting to hold a nationwide fan meeting, and measuring how active the fanclub is!」, the promoters’ needs of「wanting to have continuous activity for concerts, and wanting to promote ticket sales for the next work!」, the sponsors’ needs of「wanting to promote their products and do PR for their company in the most cost-effective way!」, the movie theatres’ needs of「wanting to measure the level of activity in their cinema complexes nationwide」.

In response to all their needs, video content X live events are being screened in movie theatres, along with talks, dances, mini lives, games, and other events being held by the performers, and together they become an experience-based video event, a new business model called『Theatre☆Live』.

This is a joint project between GPlus Ltd. and Decorations Ltd. in collaboration with cinema complexes nationwide which uses the image rights and distribution rights held by GPlus Ltd.. The inaugural Theatre☆Live will be the『GACKT LAST VISUALIVE』which is to be held on March 14.

On that day, band members YOU, CHACHAMARU, SATO, and VAL will be holding a talk even on stage. It will be bursting with backstories from the backstage of the concert tour and rehearsals. Also, there might be a GACKT surprise specially for White Day!? As a special gift for participants, a Theatre☆Live-only original G Blanket (petit blanket) will be distributed to attendees.

The interlude videos, which were projected on screens known as UMU FILM during the tour and in the DVD, will be screened on the movie theatre’s high power screen for the Theatre☆Live. With the sound reverberating in the venue, let’s re-experience GACKT LAST VISUALIVE together.

≪Event information≫
Event day: March 14, 2017 (Tue)
Time: Doors open 18:30 / Performance starts 19:00 / Expected to end 22:00
Venue: Marunouchi Piccadilly
Ticket price: ¥5,000 (w/o tax)
※Comes with Theatre☆Live-only original G Blanket (petit blanket)
Ticket Pia:


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA