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Yesterday was a difficult day.
It was a long one.
It’s partially because lots of friends came over to visit
and I also went to a party with local friends
and had a great time though.

In the morning, I changed my clothes
and spend some time relaxing.

Angie was on the poker table,
sleeping there haphazardly.

She’s probably exceptionally sleepy.
With the nice warm weather, she looks like she’s in a good mood,
blissfully ignoring the rest of the world around.

I was a little busy in the afternoon because of work but
at night, I headed straight for a party.

We talked about work late into the night
and about how we’d miss our friend who will be moving to the UK soon.

With the promise that we’ll all gather again,
we went home.

After arriving home late at night
other friends came over to visit again.
In the end, by the time those friends went home
it was around 5 a.m., they were pretty tired out too.

Just as I was cleaning up my room
and preparing to go to bed
my friends from just now contacted me again.

They said there was an accident near my house.
I ran out in a hurry, and when I arrived at the accident site
a crowd of people was gathered
even though it was past 5 in the morning.

Luckily , the friend who was driving
and the other party were not injured.

It was a good thing that the accident occurred without nothing worse happening
and I guess you could call this good fortune in misfortune,
once again, it was proven just how scary an accident can be.

I’ve experienced suddenly losing friends
who I spoke to just moments ago.

It’s definitely not just someone else’s business.

In the past, my driver, who was also a precious person to me,
became someone who was never coming back.
Just the night before
he was in cheerful spirits, and until I saw his face in death
I thought it was a joke
but reality hadn’t really hit me yet
and it was only quite awhile after I saw him that tears started flowing.

This time, in the end, the police took a long time to arrive
and by the time everything was done, it was around daybreak.

When I got home, the fatigue hit me all in one go.
In the end, maybe it’s because I got excited or because I started recalling all sorts of things,
but I couldn’t sleep until it was afternoon
and by the time I realised it, it was past 2 or 4 p.m.
when I lost consciousness and fell asleep.
It was 6 when I woke up.

Oh shit.
But, thank goodness no one got hurt…

Nobody knows when something will happen.
That’s why
we have to treasure every day.
We have to treasure the people around us.
We have to share our feelings properly.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA