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It was bad waking up today…

Couldn’t really get my body to move.
Went to the bathroom to wash my face.

Even then I couldn’t wake up.

In such times, I immediately do push ups.

Maybe it’s because blood flowed into my head, but I woke up in a flash.

Had a shower, then took a picture of my back.

Even so, I was tired.

For awhile, I didn’t move from the sofa
and while zoning out, I thought of my outfit for the day.

Like, I guess I’m feeling this today…
The new Armani jacket that I bought the other day.
It looks like a Dolce & Gabbana.
But it’s an Armani.
Mm… Well I guess it’s fine.

In place of breakfast, I had my usual supplements
and vegetable juice.
Metal Muscle HMB works…

That’s what I thought as I drank my vegetable juice
and just then TAKUMI contacted me.

TAKUMI again… I thought, and read the message.

「Big bro, something like this came up again」

What is it, I thought and clicked on the URL that he sent me, then this title jumped out at me.

【Candid Advice From GACKT-san. If Customs Officers Don’t Smile, They Shouldn’t Be One】

What’s this about?, I wondered, and read its contents.
It’s about what I wrote in my blog the other day but…

Firstly, I don’t mean to give any 【candid advice】
but if this is taken as advice, then it is not my place to do so being a junior.
If there was a misunderstanding, I would like to clarify it.
I did not give an advice,
but instead, it’s more like a [request].

The one who wrote this article
appears to be someone called Nakada Hiroshi-san.
Mayor Era… since that’s an article he wrote
it appears that he’s definitely someone who is strongly opinionated.

I had a look at the content…

maybe it’s because of his unique and rich imagination
that he possesses such a great reading comprehension ability.

Nakada-san has
carefully written about the role of customs officials.
Yes, I definitely understand that as well.

at this point, read again what I wrote in my blog.

I thought, maybe I, GACKT, said something like
“You have to smile!”to the customs officer…
and read it over again, but nothing like that was written.

it appears that there has been a misunderstanding, so I’ll write it down for you.

I, too, perfectly understand
what the job of a customs official entails.
On top of that, I shall once again
leave my 【request】, as written in my previous blog, here.

『If you can afford to smile, please do.
The anxiety felt by people coming in from abroad will definitely go down a little』

Yes, this is what I wrote.
If you can afford to end the experience with a smile
I’ll be very happy.

Nakada-san said
that he has never met any customs officials overseas who smile all the time.
Yes, it’s the same for me too.
I wasn’t thinking about them smiling all the time,
neither did my blog include anything like that.

But, has Nakada-san
never met a customs official or immigration officer who smiles at the end?

I’ve met many of them.
Because of work, I too have travelled to over 40 countries around the world.

To the personnel, from overseas and Japan as well,
who gave me a gentle smile at the end,
I would like to once again convey my gratitude.

For them to smile at the end of the experience while being busy, is a wonderful thing.

This doesn’t only include airport staff,
but also police officers,
and those working in government offices,
don’t you think that this is something that can be said about all institutions and jobs?

Of course, the same can be said for the members of assembly
and the personnel who support our country.

Of course, it’s also applicable for myself.

This is because the ability to add a smile to anything
is a special talent that only humans have.

If I write something that invites misunderstanding
please do point it out to me.

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Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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