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Yesterday was honestly terrible.
Well, but such days do happen.

Since I had a meeting in the afternoon, I headed to MANDARIN HOTEL.
For some reason, the hotel was packed on the inside although it was a weekday.

The meeting took longer than I expected, but after that I headed for a party which was hosted by a local friend, which was starting at 7 p.m. and had companies and entrepreneurs attending it.

when I left the hotel, there was a massive traffic jam and the car couldn’t move at all.

For this hotel,
it’s quality as a hotel is high but the traffic is so terrible, that honestly I don’t really want to use this place because of it’s location.

Especially in the evening.

And, the traffic was particularly bad today.
I couldn’t move forward at all.

I thought of pumping petrol and wanted to head to the nearby gas station, and I thought, there’s no way my car can’t move at all right, but indeed, I didn’t move at all.

I thought that maybe it was because of an accident, but apparently it was simply just a traffic jam.

This sucks.

The distance to the gas station normally only takes me 3 minutes but I couldn’t move at all.

Then, the gas meter finally reached 0.

It’s really the end.

The engine starts to make weird sounding noises.

Shit, shit, shit, I thought,
immediately I started looking for a place where I can stop my car,
and instantly, the engine stopped.

Aah… seriously…
I thought,
and I immediately contacted my friend.
I explained the situation to him.

My friend got worried,
and suggested
「Shall I send a driver down?」.
Considering the traffic, a round trip from the party venue to my location and back would probably take 2 hours.

I told him, I can’t make it today,
and sighed as I stared up at the ceiling in my car.

I got stuck for over an hour for a trip that would’ve taken me 3 minutes.
Such things do happen I suppose…
Really, sigh.

Then, I made a call
to a partner who was headed to the party in another car
to ask him to come and pick me up…

Then I headed for the gas station, to arrange to bring gasoline over.

But, I didn’t have a tank that I can store the gasoline in.

The first one turned me down,
and when I went to the second gas station and
they told me 「AH〜〜, OK〜〜!!」,
the staff looked like angels to me.

Well, although he’s a middle-aged man.

he filled simple aluminium tanks with gas.
I asked him,
「Do you have a pump?」
He also went
as he realised that he didn’t have a pump either.

he started cutting a PET bottle with scissors,
anyway it’s supposed to be able to put the gas in.

we went back to where my car was parked.

Two burly men were sneaking around
behind the Lamborghini.

They look exactly like thieves…

While doing all of that,
after around 3 hours the car finally got filled with gas,
and I checked if the car was able to move.

Initially, the engine wouldn’t start.

「Uーーnn, I’m screwed…」

I thought,
while I even tried turning off the main battery.
Then, half an hour.

Then, I realised that my gear wasn’t switched to neutral.


Things like this can happen too…
Even so, it stacks up.
Oh well, days like these do happen too.

There’s no reason for me to get angry at anyone.
Instead, I’ll be grateful.

Because I have friends around,
it took only this long for everything to end..
If they weren’t around, I would’ve had even more trouble.
I’m really grateful.

The emotions that I felt yesterday too
was completely forgotten
when I heard some shocking news from Japan.

A kid with a bright future
has suddenly passed away.
She was only at the young age of 18.

It is really unfortunate, but it can’t be helped.

Let’s pray for her happiness in the next world.

No matter what kind of day it has been, it was a precious day.
To those who have departed before us,
this one day
is a precious future for them.

Let’s be grateful.
Like that, you’ll be able live through anything.

we also shouldn’t waste the lives that we are given
for the sake of those who have passed away.

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