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Yesterday, I was so sleepy but I just couldn’t sleep, after that I went straight to dinner.

I had dinner with a Japanese partner ho was considering migrating out of Japan.

It seems like he intended to move with his family. Every year, there are people who migrate due to the suitability of the overseas’ working environment, and this trend is increasing. But, this shows that the environment in Japan is already not competitive enough for some other countries. This has become a topic.

Alright, if I continue on this topic I will need to write a lot of detailed stuff, I shall do it next time when there’s a chance…

For example, in a family with 3 children, a mother expected to do all the cleaning, washing, and cleaning while taking care of her children on her own without assistance, and she also has to deal with the education her children, so honestly speaking, just how much can this mother educate her children?

If the family is able to hire a domestic helper, then she can devote her extra time for the children. If there is a nanny, she will be able to have some time for herself, to be able to relax.

Of course, This can only be possible in countries with systems in place for helpers and nannies, which is something Japan is completely lagging behind in.

More than that, the words “human rights”, which I don’t quite understand, becomes a stumbling block, exactly who it is we’re supposedly trying to protect, I’m not too sure either.

If this kind of system cannot be perfect, building a family, or in other words, having more children in a family, is already difficult to consider.

That’s because the more children you have, the more obvious the impossibilities become.

If Japan’s overwhelming decline in population problem does not resolved, the population will be less than 70 million in a few decades.

Despite that, why is there still no proper environment for bringing up children, neither has there been any change?
It’s going to drag on if I continue so I’ll just stop…


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