GACKT Official Blog update. Translation below:

Safely arrived at the airport.

Anyway, I’m sleepy.
I guess its because I couldn’t really sleep on the plane…

Just like that, I started training right after I reached home. TAKUMI, too, went down from the intensity of it…

As usual, his sleeping face is exceptionally ugly so I thought, “I simply have to take photos of this” and anyway started trying to take photos from different angles.

Mm, it turned out pretty well.
As expected of TAKUMI.
Only the Asian Champion can pull this off.

Well, I guess for the Asian Champ it doesn’t matter what’s he’s doing huh…
He really makes me jealous…

Just like that, after resting a little, I went into recording. It progressed pretty well but, without finishing it, I went for dinner with everyone.

After coming home, I had a relaxing poker practice with the energetic Asian Champ.

My cold also became a little better. As expected, being in a warm country allows my body to recover faster.

Maybe I should drink a little too…
Looks like the Champ’s night will be continuing for a long while.

Source: GACKT Blog

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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