Can you resound with love?
It’s this the question behind the movie Karanukan.
Portraying love in movies requires an extremely complicated judgment.
The images I want to take, how will they be judged in general?
What will the two leading character think about it? The expectations of the production; and the love scene too, turned out to something really romantic and became something you won’t be able to watch without crying.
To all the people in the production committee, the direction, all the people that worked for this concept, the actors office, all the interpreters, all the fans, friends in Okinawa, and all the spectators… I want you to be happy.
Anyway all the scenes are connected to each other.
Looking closely, the voice of the prayer I was concerned about, become beautiful too.
I was also able to include my highly desired ‘jump of the fish’ and a magnificent scene of the morning glow.
Finishing days that are like a prayer, they will continue until the Okinawa International Film Festival in April.

Source: Yasuhiro Hamano Facebook

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA