GACKT against Poker Top players ‘If I can receive a good stimulus…’


Singer GACKT (43) on October 1, on channel 「FRESH!by Abema TV×AJPC Poker challenge」 of the free internet TV station 「Abema TV」, challenged 8 poker top players active in Japan and abroad in ‘the match of the century’.

The program was broadcast live starting 6.00 pm, and before the match began GACKT talked passionately about his personal encounter with poker and its charm.


Approximately 9 years ago, while he was in Barcelona, Spain, for work, he experienced poker for the first time. “I already knew Bakara, Black Jack and other card games but, it was in Barcelona that I first came to know the rules of poker and took it on. I had always thought that poker was just like all other high gambling games but, when I tried it I felt it was completely different. After that I started studying poker. And I also came to abandon other games. Playing it I understood that poker is actually a mind-sport. Luck is as necessary as strategy but, if we speak about luck, it basically extendest to all the players equally. It’s just that when luck is shared by all players, you can’t be sure that good luck will flow for you, and it’s not that just by having strong cards good luck will simply be on your side, right?. Even if you happen to have weak cards there are many cases in which, considering your opponent’s positioning and mentality, all part of a strategy, you’ll still win. So, it’s a matter of HOW you seize that luck, right?” said GACKT in his passionate conversation about poker.

And continued “You can also become good friend with fellow players. I often go abroad by myself so, if there’s a poker game in that country, I’ll surely know someone new and get along with him through poker, I go out with them for meals, or I’m able to make really good frinds. It’s really interesting. Even while we are opponents, when we sit at the same table playing a game, I came to think that it is really a special sport able to create a particular feeling (among players .ndt). There are also people that only think about placing a gamble but, as I do not deny the gambling part of the game, I can’t deny the fact that is a real mind sport too. Anyway you think about it, for me poker is very useful for life, and I think it’s an extraordinary comunication tool.” he said, meaning that playing poker allowed him to increase the number of friends throughout the world.

Regarding the game tonight “Now, I’m a bit out of practice. But it’s an honor for me to be able to compete with strong opponents, and if I can receive a good stimulus from this, that’s good” said, adding that he will be competing with the top players aiming to his personal growth.


And ended saying “From all my trips around the world I realised that most of the top managers of the world play poker. It kind of resembles managerial work, and I think that the way of thinking of poker applies to management strategy in many ways. There is no harm in doing it. I feel that other than for personal growth, the strategies of poker are necessary in real life too. Men and women of all ages can play poker, and by playing it, you can observe other people, read the flow (of fortune or of the game .ndt), and think about what you have to do in that moment, or make it become a moment to study. I might be exagerating things but, regarding the ability of successfully build a business, I think you can learn a lot through poker. For me, poker is the thing I want to master the most in life.” giving further explanation of his opinion on the importance of this game.

Furthermore, to watch this programm for free go to 「All Japan Poker Championship AJPC channel」 powered by 「FRESH!by Abema TV」(※Depending on the progress of the game the ending time is subject to changes.)


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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