Must-see for fans! GACKT’s Customised Screen App Released!

On May 31 2016 (Tue), the free service of GACKT’s customised screen app 「GACKT★Change」, which a collaboration with Ateam Inc., has started. (Download URL:


Customise your smartphone with the design of
「LAST MOON」, the original new album released April 27!

On March 19 (Sat), ushered in with great success, the first VISUALIVE concept tour in 7 years (boasting highest attendance of 210,000 people, a live that combines all the elements of film, performance, and music), the 「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE Saigo no Tsuki -LAST MOON- supported by Nestlé」 has been captivating fans with a masterpiece performance using film and intense dances that draws the venue and the audience into a different dimension. This tour, which can be said is the final chapter of the MOON project created by GACKT, is currently ongoing will have its final performance on July 2 (Sat) at Saitama Super Arena, stretching 5 months and over 40 performances nationwide.

Also, on 27 April (Wed), his first original album in 6 years 「LAST MOON」 was released and is very well received. On this occasion, the service that has starts is GACKT’s Android-only customised screen application 「GACKT★Change」, that can easily let you customise your smartphone with 「LAST MOON」designs.

The download of 「GACKT★Change」 is free, and is to be used on Android devices. This service can also be used by non-fan club members. To use 「GACKT★Change」, please download the free application +HOME as the launcher below. As this is an app for GACKT fans to customise their screens with, do try changing your smartphone to GACKT’s design.

For more details about the screen customisation application 「GACKT★Change」, please visit GACKT’s official site below, or the 「+HOME」 application.

▼GACKT Official Site

【 GACKT Customised Screen App 「GACKT★Change」 details 】

■Application name

■Application download URL
※Please use it via an Android device.
※In order to use this theme, you’ll need +HOME as your launcher.

▼【Smartphone Makeover】 Free customised screen, +HOME download URL
※Please use it via an Android device.


The final chapter in GACKT’s MOON SAGA project, LAST MOON, is here! Celebrate his first all-new album in 6 years by decorating your smartphone in the LAST MOON customised screen in this free app! Won’t you try and change your smartphone’s design into GACKT’s colours.

▼「GACKT★Change」Sample images


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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