GACKT stars in a lead role for『Karanukan』, a romance movie set in Okinawa’s wilderness!

It has been revealed that musician GACKT will be starring in the movie『Karanukan』, which is set to be released in 2017.

This film captures the extremely vivid images of rivers, waterfalls, and the sea from Okinawa’s Yanharu and Yaeyama, while weaving in Okinawan culture into a pure love story surrounding the “River God” which brings supreme happiness. Hamano Yasuhiro, who is also a lifestyle producer, will be the director, while GACKT will be acting as internationally-active photographer Oyama Hikaru.

With regards to accepting the role as a main character, GACKT enthusiastically commented「I emphatise with Director Hamano’s commitment to his work, and his world view. As an Okinawan myself, I would like to show everyone Yaeyama’s nature through this movie. And, as a person of expression I will deliver the best work there is to everyone」.

Also, auditions are being held for the heroine who will be GACKT’s partner. The deadline for applications has been extended to 29 February, and is currently in progress. The final selection auditions will be held between 21 (Thu) and 24 (Sun) April during the「- 8th Okinawa International Movie Festival-」which will be held at Okinawa.

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