Notice regarding the delay of the delivery for GG MAGAZINE Vol.30

Thank you as always to all GACKT Fans
Delivery for 「GG MAGAZINE Vol.30」 was planned at the beginning of this month, due to some unexpected issue the date of the delivery is now set for the 18th of this month.
Ever G&LOVERS member is looking foreward very much to this, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Furthermore the additional performances for the 「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」are included and you can book them trhough DM, for details please refer to the following URL

「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」Dettagli sulla Lottery riservata ai membri

For the new members that renovated their membership between 2015/09/01 ~ 2015/11/30 (September-October-November)
+ Flyer Vari
+ 2015 renewal special gift (for ticket owners)

※ For members that renewed their membership from December 2015, the gift for the renewal will be delivered after april 2016
※ Deliverings follow the information on the registration orders from November 30th 2015

In case of non delivery, contact G&LOVERS between 01/27 and 01/31 through email 【】
※ Requests sent after the acceptance period won’t be taken in consideration
◇ Subject: 「会報未着」
(※ If the subject line is missing please put it in the text of the eimal)
◇ Email text: Name, membership id card numer, address, phone number

※ Please consider in advance that we can’t reply to every single contact for the missing delivery

* Flyer various details *
「GACKT WORLD TOUR 2016 LAST VISUALIVE supported by Nestlé」advance booking for members through DM lottery
DVD DM「92esimo Camui♂Gakuen de Dashitekuda-sai Festival」


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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