GACKT says「senses are sharpened, I can feel the flavours deeply」, enjoys “Kurayami Gohan”!

On December 9, artiste GACKT attended the『Nestle × Kurayami Gohan「SPECIAL.T In the Dark」Launch Event』which was held in Tokyo, and tasted “Kurayami Gohan” while wearing an eyemask.

At the launch event, it promotes the limited-period only Dine in the Dark event「SPECIAL.T In the Dark」where one tastes tea and food with eyes close, while enjoying the taste itself with a sharpened sense of smell and taste.

GACKT, who came to the launch event, experienced “Dining in the Dark”, as he put on an eye mask and with his vision shut off, fumbled as he felt the tea items and cutlery.

GACKT shared his thoughts on dining in the dark, saying「More than usual, my senses get sharpened far more, and I can deeply feel the flavours. Being able to focus on how the flavours change in my mouth is interesting」.

Also, in these few years, GACKT has been enjoying overseas events where one dines in the dark, and he commented, saying「As Japan has yet to have this culture(dining in the dark), I hope that everyone comes to taste this」.

In addition, GACKT said「When it comes to tea, it is not something that is drunk just for the sake of healing. There’re definitely, various other ways to enjoy it, like having it during meals. Therefore, enjoy it in those ways one by one. Isn’t it the bliss of life to know those enjoyments」, describing the charms of tea.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA