“Fukaku~ shi〜zu〜ma〜ri kaeru〜・・♪♫“ (Hoshi no Tsuna)

*huff huff huff huff*

Oh〜, it’s you.
It’s been awhile,
what’s up at this timing?

“You’re breathing hard right? Big bro.
Are you doing something lewd?”
… you ask.

You’re got it wrong.
I’ve gone cycling with my friends.
It’s been awhile y’know,
since I’ve ridden a bicycle.
Everyone’s legs are fast.
I’m getting left behind…


“You ride bicycles in Japan!?”
… you say…

You’ve got it wrong.
I’m in Thailand today.
While training in Thailand
we’re going on bicycles.


This country is interesting.
Because I like it,
I’ve been doing a variety of things
while wondering what kind of business I should do here.
These few months.

So, now I’m in the midst of training.
I completely forgot how to ride a bike…

“As always, you’re doing all sorts of things in different countries!”
… you say…

It’s fun.
Be it creating something new
or starting a new business.
Of course,
when I’m focused on music,
I end up doing nothing but that so,
if I can’t switch my mindset well,
I’ll become confused though.


I guess it’s like when I do a change of pace when getting boiled down by music
I will do other projects…

I often feel that,
when thinking about another project,
if it can be converted or applied to another task
wouldn’t it become something interesting?

That’s why,
there’s an interrelationship.
its’ the same no matter the kind of business.
If you don’t have a strong core belief,
no matter what you do you won’t be able to pull it off well.
That’s something that everyone knows as business owners.
The root of your ideas is always linked to the whatever work you do.

“If you’re traveling around the world like that,
won’t you be quite concerned
with the various differences compared to Japan?”
… you ask…

More than being concerned,
its more often that I find it interesting.
For example,
with international airports, there are airports with a variety of characteristics.
While there are those that give you a feel of the country,
airports with great characteristics,
there are also airports with no characteristics at all for the sake of convenience.
Instead, there are more of the latter.
the airports of modernised countries are the same everywhere.
there are also a lot of airports made for convenience, without much thought involved.

When I see the airports around the world,
there are airports that make me think
“This airport is really user-friendly…”
and there are those that can’t be used at all.
For Bangkok’s airport,
its a bit of a pity in that sense.


“How’re Japan’s airports??”
… you ask…

For Narita,
whether it’s still difficult to use until now,
the feeling that it’s expanding is undeniable…

Compared to Haneda,
the quality is dropping.
But well,

For example,
Fukuoka airport
is really well done.
It’s quite close to the city
and it’s in a location that can make it one of the world’s leading tourist cities,
that’s the kind of potential it holds.

For me, if you ask me to
pick the city that has the potential to be the next big city in Japan,
I believe my answer would be 『Fukuoka』.
In terms of climate, it’s very easy to live with,
and the urban planning is interesting.
It even has its own culture too.


That’s why,
I want people to be aware about it,
especially with Fukuoka’s urban development.

Because the more it gets developed,
it’s differences from other prefectures will start to disappear.
With modernisation,
the characteristics everywhere will disappear.
The precious colours that the city had
will disappear.

For example right,
if you look at train stations its the same right?
When you go to the station, you don’t say
“This station is great!” right?
Be it Kyoto Station or Shinagawa Station, nothing’s changed.
It’s all the same.
Even if you put together pictures of train stations in different places,
you’ll think perhaps they’re the same station, or
you won’t be able to tell the difference.

There aren’t any characteristics at all.
This is the epitome of a world that only pursues convenience.


If you get the same feeling which ever city you go to,
you’ll lose the motivation to make the effort to go there right?
An 『identity』 is important.

If the identity of this land
is lost, it’s ruined.

“Are there towns like that in other prefectures?
Those with potential…”
… you ask…

If you asked me,
『Kanazawa』 I guess.

If Kanazawa’s culture and old quarters
aren’t destroyed any further yet developed well,
I think the potential is quite high.
The merits of the town
cannot be conveyed well enough yet.
Even among the Japanese, there aren’t many who know
exactly how wonderful Kanazawa is right?

It’s like when you mention holidaying,
it’s Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, Okinawa right?


Kanazawa is the town that I would like to live in the most.
I were to live in Japan in a place other than Tokyo,
I suppose I’d live in Kanazawa.
This town is a really good one.
It’s really a waste that publicity is not working well.


For Hokkaido,
their publicity is really well done right?
The image firmly sticks with you in reality.

The way the airport is built is also interesting.
They made it with the visitors in mind,
and the food is delicious too.
Of course,
although delicious food places can be found all over Japan,
there’s an image of Hokkaido being delicious right?



“Can you say the same thing even for the world?”
… you ask…

Source: OH! MY! GACKT! Blomaga

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA