GACKT appears for NesCafe Event「I think it would be wonderful if my girlfriend could do art on my coffee」

On 29 October, the launch event for『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』was held, and artiste GACKT made a guest appearance.

It was the same event that was held at NesCafe Shinjuku. GACKT, with an orange handkerchief peeking out from his chest pocket, commented「Today, I came in a coordination that gives the image of an autumn twilight.」. While looking at the interior decoration of「Shun Meguri Cafe」which used high-definition 4KVIEWING(R)to reflect a vivid display of the autumn scenery, and had a rock garden with real autumn foliage, he expressed his admiration, saying「It’s a very calm space in time. As something uniquely Japanese, it’s very luxurious to pass time while looking at spectacular and beautiful scenery.」.

For the talk session, he took a sip of「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」and commented「Frankly, it’s delicious. I think that it is far more delicious than what everyone expects. To me, I’m honestly surprised that it can get to this level of deliciousness. For myself too, I’m particular about the food I eat, and because I tend to eat food based on the seasons of the production area, I was impressed by the concept of the product.」, with an air of satisfaction about the attention to taste of「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」, which follows the「season」.

Also, he hoped that many foreign tourists would also experience the season of Japan, and introduced its charm in English, saying「Hello, everyone. This is GACKT. Open for a limited time only, the 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』 is a fantastic spot where you can enjoy the fall colors of Japan. I hope you‘ll stop by.」. He surprised the people around by his fluency and great pronunciation.

Following that, he revealed a hanging scroll which he personally penned「Shun Meguri Cafe」using his forte in calligraphy. When the MC asked about the work, he replied with a look of satisfaction「The ephemeral nature of autumn was expressed」. Then, GACKT commented at the end「I hope that『Flavour Roast Kiwam』can be gifted to the people who you can share the “season” with and have guided you」, and the event wrapped up.

◎GACKT On-the-Spot Interview
--Please share with us your thoughts about today’s event.
GACKT: I think that it’s really wonderful to have a calm space within business. As I currently live overseas, I can feel the seasons when I come back to Japan. If I ever wanted to feel the seasons, I think I’d want to take some time to come.

--Again, how was the taste of this time’s「Flavour Roast Kiwami」?
GACKT: There are a few that I like the tastes of but, what I felt this time was the high level of quality in it. When I heard that they were starting a project based on the seasons, I thought that it was daring of them to challenge something like that because worldwide it’s only normal to supply things in big amounts (which won’t happen in this case).

--About the mindset of「Flavour Roast」which is「Following the season, changing even the harvesting grounds」, do you empathise with it as an artiste?

GACKT: I think that food is also part of being an artiste. Because if I weren’t an artiste, such a level of things would not have been done. I think the point about continuously challenging the limits is one that is shared between food and music.

--What kind of cup do you normally use when drinking coffee?
GACKT: As I have a hobby of collecting glassware and coffee cups, I’m become somewhat of a collector. Since my cupboard has nothing but glassware and cups, I pick based on my mood at the moment. When I drink with close friends, I decide based on the image of drinking with others.

--Normally, how do you drink your coffee?
GACKT: There are a few styles of drinking. In the past when I was in France, I saw people drinking espresso and thought it looked cool so I learnt how to drink it. So actually, I finally could drink it about 5 years ago. Recently I’m into latte art, I also started drawing on it. I think it would be wonderful if my girlfriend could do art on my coffee. But girls who can do latte art are somewhat few.(laughs)

--In the entertainment industry, it’s become a topic that there is a “season” of wedding rush. GACKT-san’s plans are?
GACKT:I have no plans at all. If I can find a wonderful woman, I think that’s fine on its own. I think it’s good as long as you can be together with the person you like without being bound together in the form of marriage.

-- Your appearance in a nurse costume at another event a few days ago has become a hot topic, will your girlfriend feel intimidated if you’re that beautiful?
GACKT: Personally, I think somehow my two arms look too fat.(laughs)As I’m also already ageing, I feel like I should continue doing cross-dressing for as long as I can.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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