GACKT attend Nestle’s PR event in autumn attire 「“Season” is a big factor in enjoying Japan」

Today, the 29th (Thu), GACKT made a guest appearance at the launch event for 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』 held at NesCafe Shinjuku (Tokyo Shibuya-ku, Jingu mae 1-22-8).

『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』 allows customers to experience 「NesCafe Regular Soluble Coffee」’s masterpiece the 「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」, which was launched on 1 October. It will be open for a limited period from 30 October (Fri) unitl 6 November (Fri) at 「NesCafe Shinjuku」. Corresponding with 「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」which was created with the product concept of 「Following the season, changing even the harvesting grounds」, inside 「NesCafe Shinjuku」, vivid “seasonal” autumn colours can be seen early. A giant screen set up in the shop uses high definition 4KVIEWING(R) to reflect the crisp images of the autumn foliage, in addition a rock garden with real autumn leaves are put in place along with the ambient sounds of the forest, murmurings of the river, singing of the insects, to reproduce the autumn scenery.

GACKT, as the 「artiste who knows the seasons and can discuss the seasons」, appeared in an attire reminiscent of autumn, a full-black suit with a red pocket handkerchief sticking out. Looking around the store, he said a sentence 「It sure is calm」. Then, as he tasted the 「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」, he commented 「Frankly, it’s delicious. I think that it is far more delicious than what everyone expects. To me, I’m honestly surprised that it can get to this level of deliciousness」.

Adding on, he said 「 I think that this would be most luxurious for the Japanese who enjoy the season. I visit production areas depending on the seasons, and I enjoying savoring seasonal foods」. Then, with regards to the product concept of 「following the season, changing even the harvesting grounds」, he praised Nestle’s corporate efforts, saying 「Actually, I was thinking, until now, haven’t there been other companies that have done this? It’s just that, doing that will cost a lot, and it is more difficult than we expect to carry it out. When I drank 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami』, it makes me feel that it’s really wonderful. I would really recommend those who like coffee to try this」.

And lastly, he spoke about the “season”, saying 「I hope that the culture of following the season is treated with more importance. Although us Japanese do go into nature, I think that it’s a precious thing that is fading away, that’s why we should have a commitment to live with it. “Season” is, as a Japanese, a huge factor to enjoying Japan to me」.

At the event, GACKT spoke about the charm of 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami』 in both English and Japanese. Further more, he unveiled a hanging scroll on which he personally penned 「Shun Meguri Cafe」 in calligraphy. This hanging scroll will be displayed outside 「NesCafe Shinjuku」 while the 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』 is operational.

Also, when reporters asked 「Recently the entertainment industry is in a “season” of marriage but, will you be joining in that rush?」, GACKT replied with 「I have no plans of getting married at all 」 and commented that the important thing is to be able to be with the person you like without being bound in the form of marriage. They then asked, 「With your beauty in cosplaying in the news, will it be difficult for your partner for you to be that pretty?」, he laughed and spilled the beans, saying 「I got a shock by how far my arms looked in my photos」.

The 『NesCafe Flavour Roast Shun Meguri Cafe』 will be open in 「NesCafe Shinjuku」 for a limited time from 30 October (Fri) until 6 November (Fri). The 「Tsukiji Mura Shun no Kanmi set」, which is created under the supervision of the owner of 「Tsukiji Mura」, Tamura Takashi, will include the 「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」and have only 100 sets available per day. Also, from 7 November (Sat), there will be taste samplings for 「NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami」held nationwide in 6 areas.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA