Woman Insight: GACKT’s unintentional wry smile.「According to age, there’s lots and lots of cross-dressing…」

In Tokyo’s Shinjuku, a cafe where you can enjoy『autumn foliage』in the city before others, and try out the new product『NesCafe Flavour Roast Kiwami』, will be opening in NesCafe Shinjuku, and today, on October 29, the opening event was held. For such a special cafe, customer number one who made an appearance was, musician GACKT-san!

「The autumnal coordination, was put together in a chic way」With that coordination, he entered the venue dashingly.


At the event, GACKT-san, known to be a linguist, introduced the recommended points of the new product in his forte of using both Japanese and English. At the sight of his fluent usage, even the reporters gave him a tremendous applause!

Also, unexpectedly, GACKT-san said that in fact a few years ago「I was bad at coffee」. When he was in Paris and saw the people drinking espresso, he slowly practised to drink it bit by bit, and right now, he has become good enough to tell the differences in tastes.


When GACKT-san was asked about this Nescafe’s『Flavour Roast Kiwami』which uses produce based on the season, he said with a manly laugh「Because we’re in Japan which has 4 seasons, us Japanese who know the seasons are very blessed. In this era when the trend around the world is to be particular about the produce, I believe that intentionally separating your produce based on the season is actually a common practice. Foolhardy like me!」.

Also, he showed his special skill in calligraphy!


He decorated it with his kanji signature『神威 楽斗(Camui Gakuto)』which will be familiar to fans, and proceeded to appeal about the nationwide taste sampling. GACKT said「Ever since I was young I’ve always done calligraphy so, I ended up getting into the mood when writing this」. Since his autographed hanging scroll will be displayed at the entrance of NesCafe Shinjuku, it would appear that fans can come and have a look at it too!

While looking at the autumn scenery shown on the special liquid crystal display on one side of the wall, he said in admiration「Now, because I’m often overseas, I feel thankful about Japan’s four seasons」.


When the reporters asked「Now, in the entertainment industry, it’s become a season of『marriage』. Does GACKT-san too have any such plans?」, GACKT replied「At this point in time, I don’t have any such plans or drive to do so at all. Without being bound together in the form of marriage, I think that it would be nice if we could always be together. …… But first, I have to look for such a lady (laughs)」.

Actually, GACKT-san has become a hot topic when he unveiled himself in mini skirt nurse costume in another event. When asked about the cross-dressing, GACKT-san gave this answer with a wry smile.


「Doing cosplay, or particularly cross-dressing…… it’s about time to consider my age and the years I suppose, I want to continue cross-dressing as long as possible. I have to keep doing it while I still can. But, there’s already lots and lots of it! (laughs) And the nurse cosplay from before, when I watched my own footage after that, I was shocked by how fat my arms were!……」


Incidentally, GACKT-san is recently deeply interested in latte art.「I think it would be the best if I could get a girlfriend who could do latte art but, in the first place girls who can do that are so few……」he said with a bitter smile. When a reporter said「If that’s the case then I’ll work hard and study it!」, he replied「Ahaha, I’ll look forward to it」. Somehow it would seem that the fans of GACKT-san will soon start to learn latte art!

NesCafe Shiinjuku where this time’s event was held, is a cafe where you can realistically experience the autumn scenery that GACKT-san suddenly admired, and it will be operating for a limited time from tomorrow, October 30 (Fri), until November 6 (Fri). As you will be able to sample and try the drinks, feel free to drop by! Also, after it has been held, similar events will be subsequently held nationwide! Don’t miss it!

Source: Womaninsight

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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