GACKT Performs in a Cosplay of Cat-Eared Girl Thrills 3,000 Fans

On the 28th, singer GACKT held his Gakuen Fest tour, the『92nd Camui♂Gakuen de Dashitekudasai』at Grand Cube Osaka. From being dressed in boys’ school uniforms to being in girls’ school uniforms while donning cat ears, it was packed with a wide variety of cosplay which thrilled a crowd of 3,000 people.

This same tour started in 2009 as a fan-club only event. GACKT, wearing a school uniform and black frame specs, is not the student council president of the fictional school but the “Sei”tou Kaichou who uses the concept of a school festival, where everyone from the audience to the staff members have to follow the school uniform dress code.

When GACKT appeared in his school uniform, the 3,000 strong fans welcomed him in a large chorus of「Seitou Kaichou!」. Continuing his pace, he lamented「I don’t have any time to take a breath」and in one shot sang BUMP OF CHICKEN’s「Tentai Kansoku (Star gazing)」like a fast pitch. After that, it was a complete change of pace with mellow songs of like Mr.Children’s「Dakishimetai」, and Ayaka’s 「Mikazuki」, which enchanted the audience.

For the cover of X JAPAN’s「Silent Jealousy」and「X」, he challenged himself on drums. With his toned upper body exposed, his hard drumming brought the electric air in the hall to a climax. Lastly, they unveiled their performance wearing a school girl’s uniform and cat ears. Using their falsetto to sing in a cute fashion, they absolutely slayed the audience.

For this same tour, performances will be held in locations like Zepp Sapporo, Toyota Bunkai Kaikan and more in 5 regions nation-wide.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA