Announcement of details for the Gakuen Fest Offline Meet shops!!


Here’s an update on the latest news.
The shops with a “★” are those that have been added!As there is a limit on the capacity, hurry and make your reservations to the shops via phone before their respective deadlines!
For the case of this reservation, please tell the store「Camui Gakuen’s Offline Meet」.

※Eligible applicants are only the G&LOVERS members.
※For this reservation, the name, membership number, and contact information you applied with is required.


28 Oct 22:00〜 Osaka Branch School

Toriaezu Gohei Osaka Chuo Shop / Capacity 70 people / SOLD OUT

★Murasaki Shin-Osaka / Capacity 55 people / Osaka Yodogawa-ku, Nishinakajima 5-14-10 Samuti Shin-Osaka Front Building 1st floor
tel.06-6303-5677 (Reception time 16:00~18:00)


31 Oct 20:00〜 Hokkaido Branch School

Heiroku Sushi Kikusui Motomach / Capacity 50 people / SOLD OUT


3 Nov 20:00〜 Aichi Branch School

Toriaezu Gohei Toyota Obayashi shop / Capacity 80 people / SOLD OUT


5 Nov 22:00〜 Tokyo Branch School

Jizakanaya Hamamatsucho shop / Capacity 100 people / SOLD OUT

★Inokisakaba Shinjuku / Capacity 150 people / Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 5-17-13, Shinjuku OW Building 7F
tel.03-3202-5552 (Reception time 16:00~18:00)

★Edosawasou Honten / Capacity 96 people / Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Ryogoku 3-24-11
tel.03-5600-1011 (Reception time 16:00~18:00)


7 Nov 20:00〜 Saitama Branch School

Jizakanaya Omiya shop / Capacity 70 people / SOLD OUT

★Tenteketen Saitama Nisshin shop / Capacity 55 people / Saitama Prefecure, Saitama-shi, Kita-ku, Nisshin-cho 2-1-1
tel.048-652-8333 (Reception time 16:00~18:00)

★Furarimurasaki Saitama Chuo / Capacity 50 people / Saitama Prefecture, Saitama-shi, Chuo-ku, Suzuya 7-8-8
tel.048-858-9111 (Reception time 16:00~18:00)


11 Nov 22:00〜 Fukuoka Branch School

Toriaezu Gohei Meinohama shop / Capacity 100 people / SOLD OUT


Price:With tax 6,000 yen(Food・Drinks included)
Membership card ・ Photo Identity is required.

After the performance ends, please proceed to the respective shops on your own.
The F9 members are scheduled to join in halfway through.

It is prohibited to wait near the shops for the members to enter/exit the shop.
As it will become a nuisance to the vicinity around the shop, we seek your understanding and cooperation.

For those who have yet to reach 18 years of age, please consider the laws of the respective regions before applying.

Dress code is pursuant to that of Camui♂Gakuen.

For cancellations, please contact the respective shops directly.
If on the actual day you are unable to attend or for any other circumstances which require changes, please contact the respective shops directly.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA