Tokyo International Film Festival : Tomino Yoshiyuki, Yasuhiko Yoshizaku, and Ogawara Kunio the three giant GUNDAM meet up!

On October 22nd the biggest Asian film festival kicked off, the 「28th Tokyo International Film Festiva Edition(TIFF)」. the event was held at Roppongi Hills,(Tokyo city, Minato Prefecture), and here appears on the red carpet the ones that have been considered “the 3 giants”. The father of the anime series 「Mobile Suit Gundam」director Tomino Yoshiyuki, Mr. Yasuhiko Yoshizaki character designer of the series, and mobile suit designer Ogawara Kunio.

Furthermore also appeared the official Char dubber, Shuichi Ikeda, and official AMRO dubber, Toru Furuya, and the voice actress of Raphael (Han Keiko) together with her daughter  (Han Megumi). At the event, GACKT (singer) also appeared, he elevated the event with style.

The TIFF started out in 1986 and this will be the 28th edition of this amazing festival dedicated to the cinema.
This edition called, 「The world of Gundam」shoed the beauty of 20 different titles among wich :「Mobile Suit Gundam」,「Mobile Suit Gundam: Char couterattack」,「Mobile Suit Gundam : THE ORIGIN 1 – Casval blue eyes」,「Gundam Reconguista in G」. Furthermore, It was showed to the public the short CG animation broadcasted for the 「GUNDAM BIG EXPO」in 2009,「Ring of Gundam」, that got a lot of attention from the audience!

Source: Mantan web

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA