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92nd Camui Gakuen de Dashitekuda-sai

GACKT’s challenge, the adult’s serious way of playing!!
The 92nd Camui Gakuen de Dashitekuda-sai is decided!!

This year too under the guidance of the student counsil president, Camui Gakuto, the Camui Gakuen kicks off.
The theme is the ‘School festival’.
Following the rule of wearing a uniform, let’s enjoy the event all wearing a school uniform♪
■This year too has been decided to have an open campus (general sales)!!
Following from last year popular decision, to let as many people as possible know about what kind of campus is the Camui Gakuen, this year too as been decided to have an open campus (general sales)!
I’m sure you are all wondering what is this Camui Gakuen! Please, don’t miss this chance to find it out!

■What is the Camui Gakuen
Since 2009, ‘GACKT’s challenge, adult’s serious way of playing’, this is the Gakuensai!!
GACKT disguises himself as the son of a plutocrat, Camui Gakuto, students council president with a show where he covers songs of various artists.
Guided by their president all the senpais (members) will create an unique show♪
It’s totally different from any other show, and the students uniform is really a point of merit for it
Even out of the stage everything follows the theme of the school festival.
The students Shokkudou (student caffetteria) and the store department (the goods sales booth) too!
Enjoy this student like environment to your heart content !!

■About the participation, the school uniform is required!!
Let’s enjoy the event all wearing a school uniform!!
To all those attending please follow the rules of the dress code
For the details give a look at the following site










Day of the performance: 2015/11/3
Where: Toyota City Civic Centre
Opening: 15:00
Start: 16:00
Sales start: 2015/10/17 – 10:00

Prices: Seito Kaicho appointed area [General reserved seats] 8,500 yen (Tax included)
●At the time of the entrance you’ll also receive a special card as a present! (Different at each performance)
●If you need a wheelchair, don’t purchase the ticket for the Aichi performance. Thank you for your understanding. The price is no refundable so pay attention.
●The entrance procedure will start an hour before the opening, at 14:00
-You need to be older than 4 years to buy a ticket. People younger than 4 won’t be able to attend the show
-There’s no child care area
●There’s a changing room (tax free and different for men and women)
●Before entering the venue make sure you have your ticket and the uniform on
●In case of lost or forgotten ticket you won’t be able to enter the venue (No reissue)

Web sales:


Reservation – Purchase methods : Reservation or purchase through Kyodotokai TICKETS ONLINE.

Click the button above.
Sales period: 2015/11/01 till 23:59

Important notes:
On the day of the performance the uniform is necessary
– About the uniform code read the details below
Or refer to

■Uniform regulation
All the students attending the Camui Gakuen Gakuensai (Camui Gakuen students – other school students) look at the folloing rules.
To those who don’t conform to this regulation the entrance to the venue will be denied.
Denim – Leather – Satin – Velours materials are no good
●Japanese school uniform & sailor suit (no limit to the thickness of trousers and skirts)
.It’s ok even if there’s no ribbon or neck tie
●In case of blazer (normal type for women and men)
.About the shirt
White, blue and pink and light colours are ok . Stripes are also ok, black is no good
.Necktie and ribbons is necessary
(Similar to the Camui Gakuen necktie)
.Plain trousers . check . limit to stripes (no limit to the thickness of the clothes)
.The trousers must cover the ankles
.Plain skirt . check . limit to stripes (no limit to the thickness of the clothes)
.One piece dresses are no good
●About the suit (normal type for women and men)
.A set with the same colour for the upper and lower part won’t be considered as a uniform
– In case of impossibility to check the uniform will have to ask you to remove the jacket
– The female suits will receive the same judgement
●About the traditional Japanese clothes
.Traditional Japanese clothes won’t be considered as uniforms. Maori, Hakama, Kimono, Yukawa, Jinbei, chi’ma chogori are no good
●About the hat or any other hairdresses
.Are generally accepted but if it disturbes the view of people behind you, you’ll be asked to remove it
.There’s no particular disposition about Tights . socks . stockings (without any of this is also ok)
But wear shoes (Boots . Lawfar . Indoor shoues . sneaker)
.Camui Gakuen jersey are no good
.Putting on both skirt and trousers is no good

■Camui Gakuen students – Other schools students
.Camui Gakuen students –> people part of the fan club
.Other schools students –> people that are not part of the fan club

Official site: Camui Gakuen HP

Projet – Planning: G-PRO

Collaboration: Kyodo Tokai

Sponsor: G&LOVERS

Planning collaboration SEVEN’S SOFTHOUSE

For enquiry: Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466 from Mon to Sat – 10:00 to 19:00 (Sun – Holidays excluded)

Sales playguide
From the first day of the general sales

Kyodo tokai Ticket online:

Tickets Pia: 0570-02-9999 (P code 279-620)
Lowson Ticket: 0570-084-004 (L code 45135)


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

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