GACKT,“a true expert on this matter”, participate at the presentation of the new Nestlé product and Fukujuen. He wishes his most sincere congratulations for Masaru Fukuyama wedding.


Nestlé Japan (abb. Nestlé) and the Kyoto compani, Fukujuen, joined to present a new innovative product on September 29: the machine that can prepare capsule tea 「SPECIAL.T My T.」.
Furthermore the new capsule tasting as Japanese Tea have been presented「The new series of Fukujuen fragrances」.
These products will be sold nation wide starting October 15th.
GACKT, “a true expert on the matter”, participated in the event and assisted at the demonstration and was able to notice the excellent quality of this product.

The「SPECIAL.T」was presented by Nestlé in September 2013, and it was adored by the audience that loved the taste of the capsules.

In this new version, the Nestlé decided to create a “unique experience”.
It was decided to create a joint-venture with a Japanese company founded 220 years ago, the Fukujuen, to be able to add the traditional Japanese tea flavour in the capsules creating the 「The new Fukujuen fragrance series」.
The new product, the「SPECIAL.T My T.」is able to extract the best from tea leaves, chosen by the Fukujuen masters, so to create an unforgettable experience.

Furthermore, for the first time it will be possible to try the Gyokuro frangrance, the finest green tea. But in reality, how is the quality of this product? To be able to have an answer to this question it was decided to ask for advice to an expert of this sector, GACKT, who arrived wearing a red and black kimono with a westener style.
First of all you try the flavour of the tranditional Fukujuen, moving after to the Gyokuro.
GACKT carefully observed how the tea is made.
While the preparation is about to be completed he expresses his idea on tea:「It’s very difficult to find a Gyokuro tea fragrance that you are able to enjoy. Every tea is different from the other, I realize that when I stopped drinking coffee, and I have to admit that I have always drank Chinese tea. but I never stopped to look for a fragrance that I could like more, this allowed me to try different kinds of tea. And as far as Japanese tea, this is the only one that I am missing in my research」.
GACKT after tasting the tea aroma of the tea, he drinks it all in one sip and comments: 「Uhm, the taste, the taste is artisan! It’s delicious!」.

Moving on, the Gyokuro fragrance was introduced in the machine and GACKT joined again.
He commented during the preparation phase:「Even though it is so simple and small, according to the capsule type inserted it is able to calculate the amount of water and temperature needed, and also the preparation time. This is something really amazing!」, and when the host asked him: 「Are you thinking about what’s inside the machine?」 and he answered laughing:「Well yeah, can we take it apart?」.
After putting the Gyokuro fragrance in the machine and when he drank the tea, GACKT’s expression changed a lot and thinking about the quality of the product he gave us his thought:「It really surprised me. When you put the fragrance inside, it’s almost as it can feel you and prepares it as you like, it almost seems as it could feel you… that’s what I felt! It’s not a simple thing at all!」.
At the end the PR said: 「Since it’s difficult to try the original quality of the tea, in this case this dream can become reality. Obviously, the price is quite high, but through this new product will be possible to taste a tea that always has an excellent taste!」.

After the event there are the interviews.
GACKT about Fukuyama Masaru wedding on the day before commented saying:「I told the world that I had a shock after his wedding, but in a positive way. What he did is something amazing! He met an amazing persion, this will be a new beginning for them! I want their relationship to work at best! When I met Fukuyama I congratulate him, but today I congratulate him, but today I wanted to spend a few more words to wish him my best」.

About this, when asked about a possible love he freely said:「If you introduce me to her! To be honest, I wish I could tell you “I have a girlfriend”, because I’ve been single for a long time. But in spite of this, I am not able to find her. I really wish I could spend some time with someone when I wake up, I’m sad that I always have to drink tea by myself…」.
Also about wedding he said:「I’m not so interested in wedding. I think that a wedding will be the last of my thoughts. Now, I’m going on alone and I wanna keep doing it. Furthermore I don’t think it’s the time to think to ask a girl “Ahー, it’s time to get married”. Marriage is just a convention. The most important thing is love」, with an ironic smile he added:「I wish I had a woman with whom I can spend excellent time together, with talent and an intelligence out of the ordinary. If there were more girls like this in the world, I would fall in love immediately」.

Source: Rankin Box

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team