In the late May, I was blessed with material for a chance to interview GACKT for the first time in awhile. World renowned Japanese DJs have come together to work on『GACKTRACKS-ULTRA DJ ReMIX-』, which was to be released right before his birthday (4 July) on the 1 of July. On hindsight, maybe its because of his injuries or something else, GACKT mildly started responding to the interview with a nonchalant expression, all while perched on a balance ball. No matter how short the period of time, he is one who definitely won’t sit idle without a goal. A few years back, even while having a shoot for a certain book, deciding not to waste the time he spends waiting for set changes, I recall the image of GACKT quietly reciting and repeating words in a foreign language, which is still superimposed in the 2015 GACKT.

GACKT, the perfectionist and wholehearted creator who is thorough with his particularities down to the details of performances, has, in this work, surprisingly revealed that he has left the selection of DJs and the songs that they take on up to themselves. To understand the reason behind this, I openly asked him for an interview. In addition, GACKT has announced that after the 【LAST VISUALIVE TOUR】 he will be taking a break from “VISUALIVEs” his signature stage shows which combines live concerts with visual expression. In all of that, what are sentiments does the multi-faceted performer, GACKT, live by these days? I ask about his current position, and understand his emotions more.

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“Because it exceeded everyone’s expectations, I thought「it’s great that we did this」, and it inspired me quite a bit.”

――While listening and enjoying the music, I had an unexpected discovery that GACKT’s songs, even the ballads could even be arranged to dance beats. In the first place, what made you want to create a concept like this?

GACKT: With the assumption that we’re going in the direction of starting on the【LAST VISUALIVE TOUR】soon, there was the flow of wanting to speed up and get people excited. Thus, the idea was born when I started thinking, “Not only to my current fans, if I could convey the songs to people I’ve yet to touch…”, with the songs that have created by GACKT until now. So while wondering how many of the DJs, who represent Japan internationally, will be interest in participating, I reached out to them and they took up the idea faster than expected. I intended to pick on a first-come-first-serve basis but, when rumours of this project spread, there were others who came up requesting to be involved as well. That’s why, I’m confident that we probably will do another one? It’s really great.

――For example, like deciding which person gets to remix which song, what was the feel of GACKT-san’s direction?

GACKT: None none none! I already told them,「Do it however you like!」. This time, I didn’t dish out a single order. I, myself, was initially a little worried and wondered「Is my voice suitable for DJ remixes?」, but against all odds I was surprised by the results. When listening to my voice as an instrument, I felt「Ah, so this is how it gets fit in」, and that was what surprised me the most.

――Did you get to hear the different stages during production? Or did you straight away listen to the final product?

GACKT: I did listen to the work in progress. Also, I though I might yell out「NO」in the middle of it but, in the end there was none of that, we progress with me exclaiming「This is amazing!」. My surprise was in the sense of “you can even remix this song!?”. Like for「WHITE LOVERS -Shiawase na Toki-(DAICHI YOKOTA ReMIX)」and「Kimi ni Aitakute(Janzzin’park D&B Remix)」and others. Including「Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS-(el poco maro ReMIX)」and「Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto(TJO&YUSUKE from BLU-SWING ReMIX)」too. I was surprised by「Koakuma Heaven(FMP EURODISCO MIX)」too.

――「Koakuma Heaven」was similar in style to new wave music, and it felt fresh.

GACKT: That’s right. Furthermore, the whole thing was in minor right? I was really moved by that, I thought「This is awesome! To think the same song can become something so different」. As it far exceed my own expectations, as expect this was enjoyable. Generally because many of my songs are quite heavy, much of the time one has to really focus while listening to it. However, I guess you could say that overall, the music this time around can be listened to pleasantly. With this time’s album, when I listened to it in that way, there are many songs where I can inadvertently say「This is pretty cool!」. On the whole, all the DJ’s approaches are really cool but, for「WHITE LOVERS~」and「JESUS(TeddyLoid ReMIX)」,「OASIS(MITOMI TOKOTO ReMIX)」somehow, I thought「Amazing!」. When I listen to DJ KOO-san’s「CLAYMORE(ULTRA DJ ReMIX/DJ KOO)」, I even got goose bumps.

――DJ KOO-san was quite heavily involved in this project, or so I heard.

GACKT: Yes, in the sense that he did a substantial amount of research. I’m happy, I’ really thankful. Until this, we had nothing to do with each other besides when we happen to meet during TV programs. Amongst all the collaborating DJs this time, honestly the only person who I’ve met, spoken to, had drinks with, and connected personally is Mark(「CUBE(DanceFloorExperience MiX/MARK PANTHER). However, because everyone really exceeded my expectations, I thought「it’s great that we did this」, and it inspired me quite a bit. There are times when it boils down to wanting to go in the direction that you want to go in on your own but, by broadening out like this, it makes me think「Ah, so there are things like that too」. Things like that make me glad. Overall, including the song order and the music video, to leave everything to someone else’s discretion, it is a first for me but, I really got to feel everyone’s talent and abilities. Because if I gave out orders instead, the merits of that person will definitely be shut away. Saying「If you don’t do it like this, it’s unacceptable」「If you don’t do it like that, it’s unacceptable」right from the start will make things uninteresting. Because these guys already have their own tastes, and also when you line them up amongst other DJs they’re already famous in their own right, I believe each of them are definitely hyped in their own way. They probably also have the sense of「not wanting to lose」…

――That’s true. However, it’s also amazing that GACKT-san can get used to the feeling of leaving it up to someone else. Because I believe that this wouldn’t be possible unless you had a certain amount of respect for the other party.

GACKT: Anyway they are people who are representing Japan on the global stage with their own international activities, I definitely hold respect for them. Just that, nevertheless, there are often cases when once it comes to work, we step into another dimension. When I wonder「What’s the point of showing off the talents of these people……?」, I settled down with the conclusion,「In any case, this time, it’s better if I don’t do anything」(laughs).

Release information
Remix Album

【GACKT STORE Limited Edition】CD+DVD
GLCD-00012/B / ¥5,800(without tax)
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※Includes lyric card in poster form
【Normal Edition】CD
GLCD-00013 / ¥2,800(without tax)

[Song list]
1.ANOTHER WORLD(☆Taku Takahashi ReMIX)
2.JESUS(TeddyLoid ReMIX)
3.キミのためにできること(TJO & YOSUKE from BLU-SWING Re-MIX)
5.CUBE(DanceFloorExperience MiX / MARC PANTHER)
11.SECRET GARDEN(Jazztronik ReMIX)
12.キミに逢いたくて(Jazzin’park D&B ReMIX)
13.暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-(el poco maro ReMIX)
14.忘れないから(ROCKETMAN ReMIX)
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Live information
July 3 2015(Fri)Shangri-la Tokyo 27F Ballroom
※All-night event
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【GACKT’s 42nd BIRTHDAY PARTY ~It seems like 2016’s LAST VISUALIVE will be starting soon. How’s everyone’s KiAi? Are you guys revved up?? Our members are filled with KiAi and for this birthday event as well, it’ll be pretty exciting. But, the thing you’re most interested in is the LAST VISUALIVE right? How will this tour turn out? Since it’s soon, won’t everyone think about it together? Eh, really!! But if it’s going to be like that, this time, you’ll definitely have to come, you might even witness history in the making~!!】
4 July 2015(Sat)Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel THE CLUB Fuji
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【Kishidan Banpaku 2015】
19 Sep 2015(Sat)Chiba Prefecture, Sodegaura Seaside Park
※Performance by「GACKT presents Camui♂Gakuen」
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