Coming 1 October!

To celebrate the release of [Akatsukizukuyo -Day Breakers-] there will be a live stream called [NicoNico Telephone Discussion Room(denwa soudan shi)]!!

Maybe you’ll geta chance to talk to GACKT on the phone?!

On this program, GACKT will, through the phone, talk to users and discuss about their problems.

Love, work, personal relationships… etc. etc.

If you’re worried about something, worry no more, discuss it with GACKT!!

From 11:00 PM JST,

it will air only on GACKT’s official NicoNico Channel [OH! MY!! GACKT!!!] and he will answer on [Adult’s Discussion]!

*To watch, you have to subscribe for the premium section of [OH! MY!! GACKT!!!]


Name of program: GACKT’s NicoNico Telephone Discussion Room ~Day Breakers in the long autumn nights~

Airing date/time: 1October (Wed) 22:00~23:30

22:00~ public airing

23:00~ limited to channel subscribers

Source: GACKT Official LINE

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team