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As I put a hand on the gravestone of an old friend,
I heard a voice say “forgive me”…

There are many things that happen in life.

When I first came to Tokyo,
and started out with a band, that was 20 years ago.
5 years after that, I became a soloist
and it’s been 15 years since that.


Time has sped past.
The phrase 走馬燈 (revolving lantern) is pretty appropriate.
If you look back, it’s all about what happened previously.

Today, casually,
I began clearing my address book.
It was bloated by the thousands,
but I began deleting them one by one.

To me,
it’s difficult to organise my address book.

[I’ll… probably meet them again…?]

is that I’ll soon begin to think. It’s a habit that I’ve always had.
But this time, I’ve been able to clear quite a bit.

I cleared them one by one.


I decided that from now on
I’ll only keep in touch with the people I choose to stick with.

I don’t need to be in touch with so many people.
I should only leave the people who I can make meaningful relationships with.

I think it’s definitely the right time to do this now.

Life is interesting.
Looking back,
I’ve really met an enormous number of people.

out of everyone that I’ve met,
in truth, at present, those that have constantly been in touch with me
are a really limited number of people.

People I meet once a year,
people I meet once in 3 years,
people I’ve not contacted in 5 years,
people who you don’t know whether will still contact you or not.

Of course,
I remember all their faces.

The reason why I’ve begun this reorganisation
is definitely not a negative one.

To me, I think that it’s more important
to choose between the people who I simply have a connection with
and those who I have a much stronger connection with.
Of course, it’s the latter with whom I would rather maintain a relationship with.


It’s really tremendous…
Time passes so rapidly
and my circle of acquaintances expand more and more
yet at the same time, it gets more diluted.

Reaching this age of mine may be one reason
why I have become able to review
the strong relationships that I’ve been able to build over the years.

Those who have called out to me in the past
and at the same time kept a straight face while working,
in private they’re really close to me.
We even had fun together.

as each person matures,
in their own processes,
there are times when the steps don’t match.


If you picture life
as a flight of stairs, it’ll be easier to understand.
Life is like going up a flight of stairs.
At each step,
there will be new friends awaiting you.

Of course,
whether you choose to remain at the same step with them
is a choice you make.

you don’t want to live that kind of life.
Always keep going on
to make sure you grow.

That’s why
it’s a fact that there are friends who won’t be able to join you on the next step.
It’s because everyone
doesn’t climb the steps with the same strides.

At the same time,
there will be friends who you want to stick with.

Even though you’ll think that they’re quite helpless,
they’re the people who are trying their best and busting their asses out there.


This time,
one of my members, YOU,
has made everyone worried.
Because of his private problems,
even I’ve been caught up in the mess.

I’ll forgive him.
He’s a sloppy fool but
he’s a precious childhood friend.

It’s easy for me to just let him go
but more than that, it would mean losing a dear friend of mine.


I’m an idiot,
but he’s just as bad as me.
It can’t be helped.
It’s said that men are like children.
Until the end, we’ll be foolish brats.

What happened this time
ended with one sentence.
[Give me a break, you…]

All the problems that he needs to fix
will take time but
I think more stuff will be happening from now.


if you’re asking what is it I can do,
there isn’t much besides watching over him.

Because he’s such a close friend.
Even if he’s an idiot, he’s a precious childhood friend of mine.

Above that,
I don’t want to lose such an important friendship.


As I put a hand on the gravestone of an old friend,
I heard a voice say “forgive me”…

I understand…

I’ll forgive you.

My name is GACKT.
My motto is [Mr. REDEMPTION].



My thoughts can be read
on the GACKT Blomaga,
so those who want to read all of them, check it out.
(Updates thrice a month)