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Premium Seats 30,000 yen (with tax)

– Only purchasable by fan club members [G&LOVERS]
– Seats will be on the first floor. (For hall performances, it will be the first 5 rows. For Saitama Arena, it will be the first 10 rows)
– Only premium seats come with goods presents
– Only premium seats will be issued memorial tickets
*Please note that this is not applicable for audiences who will watch the performance in wheelchair. In the case where the wrong tickets have been purchased, we cannot facilitate a refund. Please take note of this.

Normal Seats 8,640 yen (with tax)

*For wheelchair bound customers, after you have purchased your tickets, please contact the promoters before the performance date.
As it is not necessarily barrier-free within the performance hall, the assistance of a staff member may be required. Please take note of this.

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*Children aged 4 and above require a ticket for admission. Children aged 3 and below are not allowed into the concert venue. (There are no child care areas)
– Number of tickets available for purchase per person (except for Misato Performance)
Premium Seats —— 2 tickets
Normal Seats —— 4 tickets per performance
– Number of tickets available for purchase per person (Misato Performance)
Only G&LOVERS fanclub members can purchase 1 per person

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