FUJI TV: Marriage, Tax Evasion, Embezzlement… Sakagami Shinobu directly asks about all the allegations and rumours ever told!

Following the huge response from last year’s broadcast, GACKT will have another special on the Thursday, 23 January episode of “Chokugeki! Shinsou Sakagami SP”. Last time, MC Sakagami Shinobu visited GACKT’s home in Malaysia, but this time, the building where he is based out of in Japan will be shown on TV for the first time. In addition, there will be upclose coverage of GACKT’s hectic New Year holidays preceding his 20th solo debut anniversary national tour. Also, Kotoge Eiji (Baikingu) and Matsushima Nahomi will be appearing as studio guests.

What’s the whole picture of GACKT’s 4 above-ground floors and 3 basement floors building!?

Sakagami was to head to the location that GACKT is based out of in Japan; a building that he owns. He was blown away by the scale of this building which had 4 floors above ground and 3 floors under. This is the first time it is being shown onTV. The interior of the building is fully equipped with a recording studio, a training gym, and even security systems, a billiard table, and a bar. The conversation that Sakagami had with GACKT for the first time in a while started off with GACKT’s unique style of socialising and his views on women and love. Sakagami hits GACKT with a tip-off from a staff who happened to witness GACKT at Roppongi the day before the interview. That is the word that “a beautiful lady alighted from GACKT’s luxury car”. What is the reaction of the usually cool-headed GACKT to this? And what was GACKT doing with that lady?

During this round of conversation, Sakagami laid upon GACKT the numerous rumours and allegations surrounding him to get closer to GACKT’s personal life. First, he asked whether the rumour that GACKT was married before he debuted was true or false, and GACKT casually answered that he indeed was married to a non-celebrity 10 years older than him when he was 20. Why did GACKT choose to get married when he said that he doesn’t see any point in it? And what was the reason behind him getting divorced just three months later? This will be revealed on TV for the first time!

They then moved to GACKT’s favourite soba restaurant to continue the conversation where Sakagami brought up allegations of embezzlement of the donations for the Great East Japan Earthquake which was reported in a weekly magazine in 2012. What is GACKT’s explanation and the shocking truth behind those allegations which he has barely spoken of on TV until now? And GACKT, who was not only troubled by allegations of the misappropriation of the donations for the earthquake but also by allegations of tax evasion, told the whole story of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau investigators, also known as Marusa, entering his home. As GACKT spoke of the details of the tax evasion allegations for the first time, Sakagami sympathised, “That must’ve been tough.” In addition, GACKT, who has thus far had a hand in various businesses, reveals a new business which he is eyeing as a huge opportunity.

Up-close coverage of GACKT’s New Year holiday!

Also on this program is the up-close coverage of GACKT’s extremely busy New Year holiday filled with preparations for his 20th solo debut anniversary national tour. From hard training that he does with the tour staff to make it through the national tour, to his private dinner with a super high-profile athlete, to last year’s great year-end party held on Christmas Eve with luxury products all around, and more, the various true faces of GACKT is rarely seen circumstances will be shown on screen for the first time in this exclusive footage. And how did GACKT spend the first New Year’s Eve of Reiwa?

Next, while the 20th anniversary tour of his solo debut approaches, we go up-close in the rehearsals which were not supposed to be shown. This is an exclusive release. “To me, it’s impossible to slack at rehearsals then give your 100% at the real thing,” says GACKT, whose tour is said to be “Japan’s number one toughest scene”. As per those words, the sight of GACKT going after the staff rather sternly and saying things like, “Every last one of you are always in a daze, seriously!” turns the atmosphere in the rehearsal venue tense. With such an intense rehearsal, there was also a time when the dancer(s) turned anoxic. After all of this, was the opening day of the tour a success?

Look forward to the answers on the ‘variety journalism’ program where Sakagami tracks and tackles the ‘present’ of the “people and incidents” who shook the world, “Chokugeki! Shinsou Sakagami”.

Source: fujitv.co.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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