GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: More details about KHAOS TOUR special booth have been added!

GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

More details about G&LOVERS special booth which will be installed in each KHAOS TOUR venue have been added, so please check them if you are planning to visit us!

A variety of exclusive special events will be available, so please come and visit us!!

■Venue-only new membership benefits
If you join the Fanclub at the G&LOVERS special booth in any of the KHAOS TOUR venues, the cost of the inscription will be 【6,000 Yen】 instead of 【7,129 Yen】
All the members who will introduce new members & friends at the special booth will receive a venue-limited membership bonus after the live performance!!

Furthermore, Joining the Members-only Special Lottery at the KHAOS TOUR G&LOVERS Special Booth & the GACKT 20th ANNIVERSARY Message you will participate in the draw for a ticket for a seat near the centre of the front row for the Camui Gakuen de Onurena-sai

■LOVERS Member-Only Special Lottery
The contents of the gifts of the special lottery are subject to change!
Please stop by the memories of the performance by all means!

《Participation method》
What to bring:ticket of the performance of the day, membership card (My Page is also acceptable) and ID card with a photo.

You can participate once per performance!!
Before proceeding to the special lottery lane, we will verify the above-mentioned requirements and wi will apply a stamp on the back of your ticket. During the raffle, we will check the stamp on the back of the ticket, so please bring always your ticket with you.

※If you do not have a photo ID, please present one of the following admitted cards
[Health insurance card •Credit Card•Cash Card• etc]

■20th-anniversary message form
Please read the QR code posted only in the fan club booth, fill out the message form with all the required information and send it.

※Please download an application able to read the QR code in advance.
(For iPhone・Android smartphone、it is possible to use LINE as a reader)
※Please note that the QR code differs for each venue.

《Application method for the Onurena-sai》
Participate in the Special Lottery+ Entry completed by sending the 20th-anniversary message!!

There is a part to enter the number of the special lottery in the 20th-anniversary message form.

You can apply for every performance, so the probability of winning will increase as much as you apply!
Winners will be announced after the KHAOS tour ends.

Please make sure that your email account has been set to accept emails from “”.

Deadline:Until 12:00 the next day of each venue performance (Hamamatsu performance: 12:00 on January 20)
※The form is automatically closed, so we cannot respond after the deadline.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anything to the staff at the special booth.

We are looking forward to your visit!!


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA



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