GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: The 5-carat diamond set in the fully customized pin brooch that GACKT possesses is a unique specimen in Japan, with a market value of 40 million yen and it is now available on Yahoo Auction as promised during the Kakudzuke Check entertainment program.

GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

Based on a 5-carat diamond that artist GACKT owns as private property the fully customized pin brooch designed exclusively for his 20th Anniversary is a unique specimen in Japan. Only one valuable specimen in the world. The market value amount at 40 million yen. It is now available on Yahoo Auction as promised during the Kakudzuke Check entertainment program 「Celebrity Kakudzuke Check 2020 New Year Special」which was broadcasted on 2020 New Year’s Day!!

It is accompanied by the internationally authoritative IGI certificate.

During Kakudzuke Check
GACKT said:
「If I will able to have my consecutive victory also this year, I’ll put it up for auction. If I make a mistake, I’ll give it to a viewer as a present」

As a result, he updated his personal record of correct answers to 62 consecutive victories!

As promised during the program, the diamond that was showed in the Kakudzuke has been put at the auction.

Auction URL

The successful bidder will be invited to a dinner with GACKT in a Limousine Escort and picked up on the spot by GACKT personally!

◆ Details about the laboratory-grown diamond used in this pin brooch◆

A laboratory-grown diamond is a real diamond born in a facility that keeps into consideration the global environment. Natural diamonds crystallize over billions of years in the high-pressure and high-temperature environments of the mantle deep in the earth, but by reproducing the earth’s environment into facilities, the billions of years are miraculously condensed making now possible to grow real diamonds.
Laboratory-grown diamonds are scientifically identical in substances to the natural ones, with exactly the same hardness, brilliance and carbon crystals. The only difference consists in the growing place, it’s like the wild orchids and the orchids grown in greenhouses.
Furthermore, while natural diamonds that grow in wild environments almost always incorporate impurities that exist in the surroundings, laboratory-grown diamonds can grow as pure diamonds without impurities and thanks to this they are characterized by a beautiful shiness.
This laboratory-grown diamond has become very popular especially in the United States and Europe in the last 4-5 years. That’s because it is a “socially clean” diamond that considers environmental issues and human rights issues. Natural diamonds require large-scale mining operations to collect rough stones buried underground. It has become a problem that often has a big impact on the global environment.
In addition, natural diamonds are often geologically located in Africa and other places as some unstable areas and they are called “conflict diamonds” because they can be a source of funds for civil wars and not only this: historically issues of slavery and child labor occurred as well.
As a solution for such problems, laboratory-grown diamonds have recently attracted the attention. In particular, there is a growing number of people who support laboratory-grown diamonds, especially Hollywood stars and celebrities who are strongly interested in environmental issues. Leonardo DiCaprio, who starred in a film on the theme of “conflict diamonds”, also made significant investments in laboratory-grown diamond companies.
Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Quincy Jones appeared on the red carpet wearing jewelry made with laboratory-grown diamonds to demonstrate their eco-friendliness. One of the hottest topics that attracted the attention recently was about Megan Markle of the British royal family wore laboratory-grown diamond jewelry, and Penelope Cruz announced that she would design laboratory-grown diamonds jewelry.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA



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