GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: About the KHAOS TOUR 【Osaka】performance on January 11&12

GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

We are pleased to announce the opening of「GACKT 20th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR 2020 KHAOS」 which will take place at the Grand Cube Osaka.

◇【Osaka】Grand Cube Osaka.(main hall)
January 11(Sat) OPEN/18:15 START/19:00

◇【Osaka】Grand Cube Osaka.(main hall)
January 12(Sun) OPEN/16:15 START/17:00
Inquiries:Sogo Osaka TEL: 06-6344-3326 Weekdays 11: 00-19: 00 (* except for Sat, Sun and holidays)

※Please check carefully the date and time of the performance on the ticket side. Only the date and time of the performance stated on the ticket is valid.
※Please note that if you forget or lose your ticket, you will not be able to enter.

★Tickets cannot be transferred for any reason (including sudden illness or work) even between G&LOVERS members and family members.

※The verification of your identity may be required on the day of the performance.
※ Ticket required for children aged 3 and up. Children under 3 y.o. are not admitted.
※Those who require a wheelchair make sure to contact us at 「問い合わせ先」(Inquiries) in the period between the arrival of the ticket and the day before the performance.
※Videos and photos which will be taken inside the venue, including the audience, could be published

【Date/Time of the foods sales】
January 11(Sat)at 15:15〜
January 12(Sun)at 13:15〜
※The specified time is subject to change without any notice.

【G&LOVERS Special Booth】
The opening coincides with the time of the goods sales
For any details please check the link below!

【Upgrade tickets】
Ticket upgrades will be accepted at the Osaka performance venue.
・The tickets upgrade to 「Diamond Seat」and「Platinum seat」will be accepted by paying the difference from the ticket you have.
The upgrade will be possible also at the venue even if you haven’t applied in advance. However, the quantity of the tickets is limited so this chance will end as soon as the tickets available will be run out.
・The seats for those who have applied in advance are reserved.
Please present the “existing ticket” and the “Upgrading exchange ticket” at the reception desk.

The exchange will occur:
January 11(Sat)at 17:15
January 12(Sun)15:15
※Both day 1 hour before the opening

In addition to the regular bonus, customers with reserved Diamond Seats can also participate in Meet&Greet, taking photos with GACKT after the show,
Don’t miss this precious opportunity!

【About the same-day tickets】
The same-day tickets sale will end as soon as tickets available will be run out. Each ticket type will be available in a limited quantity, so please purchase them as soon as possible.

[Same-day tickets release]
January 11 (Sat) Grand Cube Osaka (Main Hall) OPEN 18:15 START 19:00
January 12 (Sun) Grand Cube Osaka (Main Hall) OPEN 16:15 START 17:00

●Diamond reserved seat 60,000 yen
※Seats guaranteed from the front to the 10th row
※ With Diamond reserved seat limited-present and Meet&Greet after the show

●Platinum reserved seat 30,000 yen
※Seats guaranteed from the centre of the first-floor
※Platinum reserved seat limited-present included

● Reserved seat 10,000 yen

●Exclusive for Saitama Prefecture・Last row reserved seats 3,100 Yen

January 11 (Sat) 17: 15-
January 12 (Sun) 15: 15-
※Both day 1 hour before the opening


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA



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