NEWS.DWANGO.JP: Why does GACKT keep winning? The “winning philosophy” of the 62-personal winning streak holder on Celebrity Rating CHECK

GACKT, the ‘unerring man’ who has created a new record of an unprecedented personal record of 62 correct answers on the annual New Year’s Day Asahi TV program, “Celebrity Rating CHECK 2020 New Year’s Day Special” on January 1.

The high-speed sliding kneeling apology by Kiryuuin Sho, his teammate when he made a mistake was also a highlight, but the special interview which GACKT had at the start of the program that featured the philosophy behind his ‘winning ways’ was a hot topic on Twitter and social media too.

His discussions with the Kakuzuke CHECK staff about, “Do I have the option to not make an appearance?” and the fact that he feels such pressure that, “My stomach starts to hurt about a month prior,” is revealed. The viewers were surprised, but he explained why he still goes on the show despite all that.

“I want to show that just because they don’t know about something doesn’t mean that they can’t deal with it and that they will be able to as long as they study it.”

Years ago, when the bonsai question came up on Kakuzuke CHECK, GACKT, who didn’t know much about bonsai, began to plunge himself into studying bonsai after that, saying, “Around that time, I received materials from the Bonsai Association.”

Instead of putting away things that he doesn’t know, doesn’t understand, or can’t do, GACKT says that he always “update my knowledge.” Upon his words, “Don’t you think that your number one asset that cannot be taken away by anyone is your knowledge and your experiences?”, there were numerous praises like, “What a quote. I’m moved”, “I’m making that my motto”, “Incredibly profound”, which were sent.
In fact, the routine which GACKT does to continue his winning streak on Kakuzuke CHECK that he speaks of during this program’s pre-interview was described in “GACKT no Kachikata (GACKT’s Way to Win)” which he wrote. It is said that this is but one concrete action that GACKT carries out in his daily life.

【Do not neglect】

What do we not neglect? That is “with regards to what you have chosen”. In that case, how do you choose? The method is simple. If appears that “If you are lost, the tougher choice” is what you should pick. In other words, “Always pick the harder option, don’t neglect it.” That is the basis of GACKT’s day-to-day. And that is why when he was at a loss due to pressure, he decided to appear on the Kakuzuke program, and the result of non-neglect and his daily efforts, he was able to extend his personal record to 62 straight correct answers.

“After all, I’m an old-fashioned Showa-era man. Challenges and fights are the same. I’ll definitely take it on with the intention of winning. I’ll keep up the actions which are required for my win. Words like, “competitive” are superficial.”

Touching on that within the book, GACKT affirms, “Those who are competitive will win hands down. And that’s why they will also be particular about how they win.” When people around him say, “Ahh, I want to try being GACKT too,”, it appears that the following will be his reply.

“It’s seriously tough to be GACKT, though. Do you have the determination for it?”

GACKT has not eaten a bite of his beloved rice in 20 years. Similarly, he only eats his beloved ramen once a year. He only experiences the pleasure of eating once a day. He will definitely train in the morning, and there is a mountain load of work that he needs to complete each day. There are a lot of people who await GACKT’s decisions. Mistakes will not be forgiven. Whatever he makes a decision on will definitely be carried out. Spent with hard work and stoicism, every day he stays on his toes.

“Do you want to give it a go? It’s not as simple as you think.”

After “GACKT-sama” became a trending word at the start of the new year, GACKT-san will also be appearing on Fuji TV’s “Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi” on Saturday, 11 January, continuing to make headlines in the world with other activities. His book “GACKT no Kachikata” quickly sold over 100,000 copies when it was released last year, and now, once again, it has become a hot topic, reaching high up in the amazon popularity rankings and selling more than ever. Sayings like, “There is no such thing as ‘can’t do’”, “Throw away the idea of luck”, “The version of you who can make everyone think that you are cool exists within yourself”, and more make up his “winning” philosophy. What other kinds of “method to winning” will fascinate us in this infallible story?


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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