GACKT OFFICIAL NEWS: iOS version of Connoisseur App “びぷちゃん (VIPChan)” is now available for download! Lastest Must-Try Video has also been released!

GACKT Official news update. Translation below:

Service for the iOS version of VIPChan, the video media application that GACKT appears in, is now available in addition to the official website and the android app. Also, in the “Geki Oshi!(Must Try!)” corner, a total of 6 videos will be released, one per day for 6 consecutive days. The latest video features the supplement that GACKT calls “revolutionary”. In the 【Mainichi Mikiki Quiz (Daily Connoisseur Quiz)】, campaigns giving away Must-Try products and other events have been implemented.

< <3 Updates>>

1) iOS version of the application added
Service for the iOS version of the app is now available in addition to VIPChan’s official website and the android app.

2)New special feature, “Geki Oshi!(Must Try!)”
Connoisseurs recommend one item as a “must try!”.
This corner is one where Connoisseurs discern whether or not an item really is a “Must Try!” after checking with experts about whether there’s a good reason for it.

This time’s special feature is the “Nestle Wellness Ambassador”, which was introduced in the current advertising campaign as a “supplement revolution” and is something that GACKT presently enjoys using.

“I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. I get my nutrition in the morning, then I’ll drink only water or carbonated water until night”. This is the diet of GACKT, an artist who is mindful of his health on a daily basis. “This is an era where we’re eating a lot, but we’re not getting nutrition”, “The changes in our diet doesn’t match the speed of human evolution”. Speaking about the diet of the modern man, GACKT shares the secret behind his youth. “Because I exercise, of course, and also because I’m selective about what I put into my mouth”. Meals alone don’t have enough nutrition, so on a daily basis, he supplements it with supplements and vegetable juice.

GACKT emphasises that this is a revolutionary product that frees him from the day-to-day hard work that he has to put into this. It also offers advise to individuals on what nutrients they are lacking, and let them take it easily.

In addition, GACKT also got a medical check up prior to this. Doctor Tsuji Naoki, a specialist in preventive medicine from Tsuji Clinic, was invited to talk about his results and they delve into content that reveals more about your health as they talk about the nutrients that GACKT lacks, preventive medicine, and so on. Geki Oshi! consists of 6 videos in total and starting 9 July, one new video will be released on a daily basis.

3)”毎日更新!目利きクイズ (Updated daily! Connoisseur Quiz)” Campaign
We will be holding a campaign where 10 people will win this time’s Geki Oshi! product, “Nestle Wellness Ambassador” and a “NesCafe Dolce Gusto”. Collect points by answering the daily quiz correctly and once a specified number of points are collected, you will be able to register for this.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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