ABEMATIMES.COM: GACKT struggles against self-professed fan voice actress Aida Shikako in intro quiz “GACKTrodon” “I don’t remember my own song titles”

Musician GACKT appears on the 15 March episode of AbemaTV’s “Produced by GACKT! POKER×POKER ~Industry One-on-One Tournament” where he stars as the host of the show. Voice actress Aido Shikako, who is a self-professed fan, went up against him in a fastest-finger-first song intro quiz of his own songs and he unexpectedly found himself struggling.

This all began with Aida’s profile that was published in a weekly manga magazine. It said, “Special skill: GACKT’s intro quiz”. Given that this is the case, they decided to test if this was true or not, and this developed into a fastest-finger-first song intro quiz. Aida VS GACKT, with Aida’s poker opponent, comedian Kukki from Yasei Bakudan as the referee. With the songwriter himself taking part, there was no chance that Aida could win. Or so everyone thought, but GACKT made astonishing statements, saying, “That’s not true” “I don’t remember my own song titles”. Following that, he sought agreement by asking, “Aren’t there people who remember faces but can’t remember a lady’s name?”. Hearing this, Kukki said, “There are those who distinguish by the shape of their breasts”. Even as GACKT muttered, “You’re the worst…”, Kukki retorted with “Those who can’t remember the titles of their own songs are among the worst too”. And with that, the fastest-finger-first song intro quiz “GACKTrodon” began.

GACKT took the lead right from the start. “I thought these songs were easy…” he said. He shocked the observers when he confidently got his hit song that hit number 2 on the Oricon charts “ANOTHER WORLD” without needing to hear a single thing. After that, he was overwhelmingly faster than Aida at pressing the buzzer. In the blink of an eye, he took the lead but from then on, faults began to gradually appear. When Aida’s score caught up, he gave a string of unusual answers, saying things like “The sound of the sea that I was drowning in when I was 7”, and “I don’t know the correct answer, but image-wise it’s ‘★£#★%&◆■!?’.” At the end, he defiantly said again, “Well, because I don’t remember women’s names, right?” as the match ended in a draw. “You’ve done it”. Even as a wry smile appeared on GACKT’s face, he praised Aida and made Aida’s special skill “GACKT Approved”.

Source: abematimes.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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