CINEMA-LIFE.NET: GACKT deeply intrigued by guest who watched movie 16 times “So such a method of enjoyment exists” GACKT attends Tonde Saitama big-hit stage greeting

GACKT, Masuwaka Tsubasa, and director Takeuchi Hideki attended the Tonde Saitama big-hit congratulatory stage greeting on Monday, 18 March at Shinjuku Wald 9.

This stage greeting began with loud cheers from the audience as they welcomed GACKT entering through the doors at the back of the theatre. Laughter came when GACKT said that the participants of the other day’s stage greeting gathered after the event and “the director said tearily that conception took 2 years, and it was put on hold twice”, but Kyomoto Masaki, who was next to him, “was laughing as he listened to him… What a person!”.

Director Takeuchi, who was immediately brought up in conversation, commented, “It was screened in Chicago, and for some reason, people were cracking up. In Shanghai too. I found out that it gets people laughing overseas too”. Hearing him, GACKT too revealed that there were unexpected common points, saying, “(I think that) they probably don’t know about Saitama to begin with so it can’t be explained. I said that they might not understand it well, but after they watched it, they contacted me and said ‘it’s funny’. Its a story that can be found anywhere in the world and of course in Japan too”.

During the stage greeting, the person who answered with the largest number to the MC’s question regarding who has rewatched the movie most times will get a number equivalent to how many times they’ve watched it of Sayama Tea from GACKT. GACKT made the audience burst out laughing when he said to the guest who watched it 16 times, “Watching it 16 times, is there something wrong with your head?”. Also, when this guest revealed the place with the biggest reaction with “Ikebukuro was the best”, GACKT made the audience laugh once more as he said, “Ikebukuro sure is Saitama’s dream town, isn’t it”.

Lastly, GACKT commented, “Since (the winner) said ‘I wanted to see the reactions from the different areas’, I came to realise that such a method of enjoyment exists too. If I have time, I’d definitely go around Ikebukuro a few times and live stream on my own Insta Live”. Also, he promoted the movie, saying, “There are more details and tiny particularities in it than you’d expect, so I think you won’t be able to notice it unless (you watch it) on a screen”.

This movie is one where the absolute dissing of Saitama citizens unleashes a crushing impact.
Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi-san); the son of the governor of Tokyo and the student council president of the most prestigious school in Tokyo, and Asami Rei (GACKT-san); the
transfer student from America who has returned to Japan. Rei, who looks like a Tokyo native at
a glance, is actually a member of the Saitama Liberation Front who seeks to abolish waybills.
To obtain freedom and pride for Saitama citizens, a battle involving the Kanto area includes the
leader of Chiba Liberation Front, Akutsu Sho (Iseya Yusuke) who opposes Saitama, and the
Legendary Saitama Citizen, Saitama Duke (Kyomoto Masaki). The greatest farce in the history
of Japanese film will finally unfold in theatres.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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