NOSH.MEDIA: GACKT gives tons of fan service even with a fever, disses the absent Kyomoto Masaki “What a man!”

Cast GACKT-san and Masuwaka Tsubasa-san, along with director Takeuchi Hideki, attended the 2nd stage greeting in celebration of the hit movie Tonde Saitama on Monday, 18 March, at Shinjuku Wald 9.

In its first week of release on 22 February, the movie Tonde Saitama has achieved number 1 at the weekend box office rankings and the momentum has not diminished even in the 2nd and 3rd week of screenings. Instead, its popularity is only growing and it looks set to leave its mark as an exceptionally big hit.

This movie, which is a live-action adaptation of an original work by Maya Mineo-san, tells of an eloping between Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi-san), who is the son of the Tokyo governor and the student council president of a prestigious school in Tokyo, and Asami Rei (GACKT-san), who is actually a member of the Saitama Liberation Front which seeks to abolish waybills, amidst a conflict involving Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba.

GACKT-san said that after the other day’s first big-hit stage greeting, they had a quick get together with everyone. “The director was saying tearily ‘After getting set back twice, we’ve somehow arrived here and made and released the movie’. And watching him tearing as he spoke…… was Kyomoto (Masaki)-san who was smiling……”.

Director Takeuchi too said, “He’s a terrible person, isn’t he (smiles)!”. And GACKT-san made the audience laugh as he jokingly dissed Kyomoto-san, “(I thought,) what a man”.

They began with a survey to the people who were gathered in the hall on this day, asking them “How many times did you watch (the movie)?”. “Those who watched once, twice……”. As the number went up, there were still a lot of people who said that they watched it more than 5 times, and to that, GACKT-san was grinning as he commented, “Honestly speaking, you’re crazy”.

In the end, a lady who watched it 16 times was the winner. To this, even Masuwaka-san was speechless, muttering, “Half a month’s worth……”

With that, the lady received a gift of Sayama tea from GACKT-san, and when she was asked, “Which cinema did you visit?”, she answered, “It’s interesting to visit cinemas in different areas and see the different reactions. Ikebukuro is the best. There’d be applause every time the movie ends!”. GACKT-san nodded and said, “Ikebukuro sure is Saitama’s dream town. I see”.

Furthermore, GACKT-san also showed interest in “the enjoyment in seeing the reactions in different areas” and he said, “Maybe I should do an InstaLive while watching the movie”. To that, director Takeuchi retorted, “You’d definitely get your cover blown”, but he began imagining the scenario. “I have the confidence that if I enter right after it starts, I won’t get discovered! Perhaps I went dressed as Rei-sama……”. Hearing that, the women gathered in the hall emitted shrill screams.

GACKT-san actually rushed back to Japan for this stage greeting. “I took an impossible flight back, so I ended up getting a fever because I was pushing too hard and I was getting a drip until just now. It’s really absurd, this thing”, he said, revealing a surprising fact. Despite that, he grinned and added, “I’m glad that I got to see everyone’s smiles”, showing that he is the GACKT-san who can give the best fan service and the brightest smiles no matter what the situation.

The movie Tonde Saitama is now showing in cinemas! An interview with Kyomoto-san, who acted as Saitama Duke, can also be found on NOSH, so do enjoy it ♡


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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