ORICON.CO.JP: GACKT worried about fan who watched Tonde Saitama 16 times “Is there something wrong in your head?”

Singer GACKT attended the 2nd big-hit appreciation stage greeting for the movie Tonde Saitama which was held in Tokyo on the 18th. When the MC told him that Saitama’s famous Jyuumangoku manjyu with the CM “delicious, too delicious” collaborated with the movie and received 5 times more orders than usual, GACKT made the audience laugh with his reply of “I though it doesn’t sell to begin with?”.

When he was told that Saitama-native Masuwaka “was in the CM”, GACKT quipped, “Really? So isn’t it standard that sales increases by 5 times?”, and Masuwaka expressed her Saitama love to the audience’s applause, saying, “If you take away the Jyuumangoku manjyu, there won’t be anything from Saiyama any more”.

In addition, the fans in the hall were asked how many times they watched the movie thus far, and when there were those who watched it more than 5 times, GACKT laughed, “Honestly speaking, it’s crazy”. There was a fan who won the the title of watching it the most number of times with 16 as her record, and he got worried, asking, “Is there something wrong in your head?”. Portions of Saitama’s local produce, Sayama tea, equal to the number of times she watched the movie was given to her as a gift.

Also, it was revealed that he was having tea at Starbucks while dressed up as Asami Rei from this movie, and he elaborated on it, saying, “Foreigners took a lot of photos. Japanese people will definitely avoid eye contact with me. The reactions differ depending on naitonality”. Director Takeuchi Hideki also appeared for this event.

The setting of this movie is in a prestigious school in Tokyo called Hakuhodo Academy. It tells of the story of the meeting between the student council president Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi) and American transfer student Asami Rei (GACKT). Although Rei looks like a Tokyo-ite based on his appearance, he is actually a member of the “Saitama Liberation Front” which seeks to abolish the Saitama waybills. Momomi was initially upset with Rei favouring the Saitama citizens, but his heart was moved for some strange reason. As the story progresses, Saitama Duke (Kyomoto Masaki), and the leader of Chiba Liberation Front, Akutsu Sho (Iseya Yusuke) also makes an appearance, and the “comedy” of who gets to abolish their waybills unfolds.

Source: oricon.co.jp

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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