TV ASAHI: GACKT encourages Takikawa “Together once more”

On the 23rd, singer GACKT (45) and actress Nikaido Fumi (24), the two lead actors of the movie, Tonde Saitama (directed by Takeuchi Hideki), made an appearance at New Tokorozawa Let’s Cine Park in Saitama for the awards ceremony of the Local-1 Grand Prix.

The original version of this story is based off Maya Mineo’s gag manga of the same name that gained attention for it’s thorough dissing of Saitama Prefecture. Before the release, there was a “Local-1 Grand Prix” which was held on SNS. Out of the 137 cinemas which took part nationwide, Tokorozawa won. As part of the prize, the two lead actors were to visit for a stage greeting as a triumphal return to the ‘holy grounds’.

Nikaido played the role of the son of the governor of Tokyo and had to diss Saitama. Deeply moved, she said, “I didn’t expect that I’d be able to visit Tokorozawa. I’m really happy”.

Despite that Nikaido said, “I want to see the city” while they were travelling over, Nikaido got exposed by her flaky answer of, “Soba, I guess! It’s somehow got that kind of atmosphere” when GACKT asked her about the famous local produce of Tokorozawa.

On this day, actor Takikawa Eiji (39), who returned to work in January despite having suffered a severe spinal cord injury in 2017, also got to appreciate the movie in private.

At the final part of the greeting, GACKT, who has been acquainted with Takikawa since a long time ago, said, “Apologies for the private talk, but my junior has come to this theatre to watch it”.

He went on to speak of his encouragement, saying, “I’ve also received strength from him too, and I hope that I’d be able to work on something with him again one day. I’d like to give a shoutout to him”.

Takikawa, who saw GACKT bumping his fist against his chest and raising it to him when GACKT entered, returned his words with a happy smile and a nod.


Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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