WALKERPLUS.COM: GACKT Proposed Kiss Scene With Iseya Yusuke in Tonde Saitama! Cast Appears in Japanese Garb

The opening day stage greeting for the live-action film adaptation of Maya Mineo’s comic of the same name, Tonde Saitama, was held on 22 February at Marunouchi TOEI and it was attended by Nikaido Fumi, GACKT, Iseya Yusuke, Kyomoto Masaki, and director Takeuchi Hideki, all dressed in traditional Japanese garb. During the movie, there is a kiss scene between GACKT and Iseya, but director Takeuchi said, “GACKT-san proposed it”, revealing that despite that this was not something that was originally planned, the scene was added at GACKT’s word. GACKT was showered in loud cheers when he said, “This is mixing private considerations with work. But I wanted to kiss Iseya-san no matter what”.

The original story is a popular comic of the same name that deals heavy impact with it’s thorough dissing of Saitama natives. Set in a world where Saitama natives are severely persecuted by Tokyo-ites, it tells of the meeting of the son of the governor of Tokyo, Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi) and the secret Saitama native, Asami Rei (GACKT). Iseya plays the role of the butler to the Dannoura family, Akutsu Sho.

To celebrate the opening day, the cast members were dressed in Montsuki hakama as they stood before a gilded folding screen. Nikaido, showing off her hakama, said that this was an outfit that she wanted. “This was the first time that I played a male role. I definitely wanted to come here in a hakama”. When she asked, “What do you think?”, she received a big round of applause.

GACKT, who challenged the unexpected high schooler role, recalled the promotional activities he was involved in, saying, “I decided that I would only appear on TV 5 times in a year but this time I’ve appeared enough times to last 5 years”. When he expressed his wish for a long break, saying “I’m going have a good rest for the next 5 years”, the audience jeered with, “Ehー!”. GACKT retorted to the audience with “Don’t say Ehー!”, making them burst out in laughter.

Each of the played extremely individualistic characters, and Iseya candidly revealed the addition of a “kiss scene with GACKT” that was not in the script, saying, “Many things have left an impression on me. As filming progressed, all of a sudden, a scene that was never there before appeared. Kissing GACKT-san. I was shocked!”. When director Takeuchi revealed, “GACKT-san proposed it”, GACKT broke his silence with “You promised you wouldn’t say it”. After that, he made the audience laugh when he declared, “That’s mixing private considerations with
work, but I wanted to kiss Iseya-san no matter what”.

Furthermore, director Takeuchi revealed, “After the kiss scene, Iseya said, ‘Surprisingly no different from a woman!’”. Following that, GACKT made the audience burst out in laughter again when he said, “I’ve never wiped (my lips) since then”. With a face full of smiles, Iseya shared his appreciation, saying, “I was allowed a warm performance in GACKT-san’s bosom”.

Source: news.walkerplus.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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