EIGA.COM: GACKT Proposed Kiss Scene With Iseya Yusuke Himself “Wanted to kiss him no matter what”

The live-action film adaptation of Maya Mineo’s revival hit manga “Tonde Saitama” will be released in 320 cinemas nationwide on 22 February. Co-stars Nikaido Fumi and GACKT, along with Iseya Yusuke, Kyomoto Masaki, and director Takeuchi Hideki made an appearance at Marunouchi TOEI in Yurakucho, Tokyo for the opening day’s stage greeting.

In a world where Saitama Prefecture is severely persecuted by Tokyo city, the son of the governor and the student council president of an elite school Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi) meets the handsome transfer student from America, Asami Rei (GACKT) and becomes mildly infatuated with him. However, Rei is secretly a Saitama citizen who aims to “free Saitama”. Torn apart despite their eloping at the prefectural border drags in Chiba Prefecture and unfolds a fight between the 3 areas of the Kanto region.

On this day, all of the guest stars were dressed in Montsuki hakama as they stood before a gilded folding screen in celebration of the movie’s “kick-off. Nikaido, who acted as a young man for the first time in this movie, greeted, “Throughout the promotions, I’ve been dressed in pants style, so I let them know that I definitely wanted to wear a hakama. What do you think?”. Looking back, she added, “Its strong worldview is one that goes beyond gender or age. We weren’t too particular about being male”.

GACKT has been vigorously doing promotions together with Nikaido, and he revealed his true thoughts about it. “I decided that I would only appear on TV 5 times in a year. This time I’ve been appearing enough times to last 5 years, so I’d like to take a break (from TV appearances) for a while”. The fans began to jeer and he said with an embarrassed smile, “Don’t say Ehー! I wanna go home soon”.

The deep kiss scene between GACKT and Iseya in the movie also became a hot topic, and when director Takeuchi Hideki revealed, “That was proposed by GACKT-san”, GACKT said with a smile, “You promised you wouldn’t say it (smiles). That’s mixing private considerations with work, but I wanted to kiss Iseya-san no matter what”. On the other hand, Iseya confessed, “It was a scene that wasn’t originally there, so I was shocked”. Nikaido was also surprised, saying, “To think that it was such a realistic kiss scene…… I thought that (they had) amazing showmanship”.

Source: eiga.com

Translation: GACKT ITALIA Team

Translation © GACKT ITALIA


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